how cybersecurity is important

How Cybersecurity is Important Today

Does someone ever ask you how cybersecurity is important? Have you also ask yourself the same question? Well, this article will help you. Read on to learn more. Cybersecurity is important because it guards all types of data from theft and damage. This includes: sensitive data,  personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal information,  intellectual […]

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cybersecurity in the philippines

All About Cybersecurity in the Philippines

This article will discuss cybersecurity in the Philippines. This will also discuss different offenses. Regarding unauthorized access. Cybersecurity in the Philippines was essential. The government also does its best in implementing it. Accessing third-party data without authorization. Is also illegal under some laws in the Philippines.  If the data is accessed and stored by a […]

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cybersecurity books

Best Cybersecurity Books For Beginners

Everyone can be a target of data breaches. Thus, it’s important to keep updated. The best way for that is to read cybersecurity books.  Almost every person in the world owns a smartphone device or computer, making the threats inevitable. Threats grow both in number and complexity. Thus, information security is now a crucial element […]

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cybersecurity in social media

Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media – How?

Social media have become an important part of our lives. Yet, you must implement strong cybersecurity in social media to keep your data safe.  The Positive Side of Social Media  Social media’s popularity is due to its ability to meet the interests and needs of most people. For instance, teens use it to socialize with […]

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cybersecurity mesh

Cybersecurity Mesh and Its Advantages

Cybersecurity mesh is one of the top strategic technology trends for 2021. But what is a cybersecurity mesh? And what are the advantages of this technology trend? What is a Cybersecurity Mesh? A Cybersecurity Mesh involves building and performing an IT security infrastructure. But, it does not focus on constructing a single ‘perimeter’ around all […]

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cybersecurity questions to ask

Cybersecurity Questions to Ask When You’re on the C-suite

What are the cybersecurity questions to ask especially when you’re in the C-suite? No doubt, cybercrime poses a serious threat to businesses. The news and other information sources consistently urge companies to be aware of the risks. Thus, encouraging them to take action to protect their data, servers, and services from attacks. But, this leaves […]

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