cyber security vs information security

Cyber Security VS Information Security – The Difference

Cyber security vs information security – is there really a difference between those two terms? Many people often interchange those terms. Indeed, they are both associated with cybersecurity. Many regards those terms as synonyms even some of those in the security field. Yet, those two terms are not the same. Moreover, their definitions vary a […]

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information security manager

Diving Deeper At The Role Of Information Security Manager

The IT systems of the company is a very important aspect. An information security manager ensures that all IT systems are protected. In this article, let’s find more about that role. Many build their careers to land a managerial role. It takes special skills and several years of experience to land a managerial role. One […]

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information security threats

Be Aware Against These Information Security Threats

Modern technology allowed more creativity in business than ever before. However, information security threats came along. Like a fire, technology brought unmeasurable benefits. But if it’s left unattended, it could bring disastrous results. It does not matter to cybercriminals if a business is big or small. They attack everyone as long as they possess data. […]

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continuous monitoring cyber security

Why You Need A Continuous Monitoring Cyber Security

Continuous monitoring cyber security is not hard to understand. Continuous security monitoring is a type of security. Specifically, it is automated monitoring of information. It monitors information security controls and vulnerabilities. Besides, it also monitors other cyber threats. Why is it so? To support organizational risk management decisions. Why Is It Important? Many organizations today […]

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Risk Assessments In 2020

Cyber Security Risk Assessments is about understanding, controlling, and mitigating Cyber risk. Also, it is a crucial part of any firm’s risk management strategy. Cyber Security Risk Assessments First Step: Characterize The System Its process, function, and application. The characterizing the System, it will help you determine the viable threats. The following question is important factors […]

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Understanding Key Factors Of Cyber Security Intelligence

Cyberattacks are constantly improving. Cybersecurity intelligence has then come into the scene. Why? You may have your anti-virus and firewalls setup. But cyber attackers also upgrade and breach through those walls. Cybersecurity intelligence will help you defend against these proactive attacks. Defining Cyber Security Intelligence Cybersecurity intelligence is the gathering of information to understand threats. […]

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