Cybersecurity Research 2019

What Are The Top Cybersecurity Research 2019?

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Let us learn about the top cybersecurity research in 2019 that you should not miss out on. Also, let us learn the importance of cybersecurity practice.

Top Cybersecurity Research 2019

Security is a priority in this day and age, and the more you know, the better. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the top cybersecurity research in 2019. 

The Importance of Cybersecurity Practice

Let us learn about the importance of cybersecurity practice and how it can affect us? There are countless companies that are now doing their best to protect their customers.

To do so, they have to install security software and provide proper education about the importance of cybersecurity. So we will be able to know the importance of cybersecurity with the recent research about it.

A list of the top cybersecurity research 2019:

  • Cybersecurity in the Vehicle Industry,
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry

Further details of the above topics are discussed below:

Cybersecurity in the Vehicle Industry

Nowadays, we have vehicles that run with technology. In order to make it work properly, it needs to connects to a network.

If your car is unable to connect to a network, you cannot use your navigation system. In addition, you cannot unlock and lock your car from a distance.

It is because your vehicle uses a network to work on. This makes your vehicle vulnerable to cyber attacks.

A recent study shows that nearly two million cars have been affected by malicious software. This malicious software can cause a lot of damage to you and your car.

Moreover, you have to pay for repairing or even buying a new car if it is grab by cybercriminals. 

So to prevent such attacks from happening, we need to learn about cybersecurity practices and how we can do so.

Healthcare Industry

New computer systems are part of the healthcare industry. So these systems have to be secure.

If a healthcare system is not secure, then it could affect the health of patients. This is because the information in the healthcare system might stole.

Also, it is very dangerous for patients and they might die because of this. Furthermore, medical devices are also connected to a network.

So if these devices are not secured, then they can cause a lot of damage to the patients. For this reason, cybersecurity practices are very important in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, there are some government agencies that are working on cybersecurity issues in the healthcare sector.

Education Industry

Cybersecurity is very important in the education sector. This is because students use technology to learn.

If the technology is not secure, then it can cause a lot of damage to them.

Moreover, they might suffer from identity theft or even financial loss because of this. So in order to prevent such attacks, we must take cybersecurity practices seriously.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industries have also become a target for cybercriminals because they use computer systems. Their computer systems are needs to connects to other devices as well.

So if these systems are attacked by cybercriminals, then other devices as well can be affected by them. Moreover, the entire industry can be affected too because of this connection. 

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