Information Security Questionnaire

Information Security Questionnaire-Guide For Completion

Information security questionnaire is becoming more and more common. Most especially that more and more data privacy is being imposed within the entities. However, along with the security essence of these questionnaires. Also comes the complexity of the task. It is true that it is indeed overwhelming. That sometimes it falls to be a company’s […]

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Supplier Security Risk Management

Supplier Security Risk Management Business Advancement

Cyber threats involving third party suppliers are today rapidly increasing. Thus, a good ‘supplier security risk management’ is a must. The Importance Supplier connections are very important in one’s business. It keeps the business running. Moreover, it enables business’ profitability to improve. And it can help businesses of all sizes to minimize costs.  However, it […]

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Supplier Security Assessment

Seek Help For Your ‘Supplier Security Assessment’

A supplier security assessment help you ensure safety supplier connections. This assessment shall assist you in careful analysis of your potential suppliers. Because these potential suppliers can also be potential sources of cyber threats.  How confident are you with their security implementation? Can they together with you protect sensitive data? How do they perform with […]

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Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors

Top 3 Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors in 2020

An influx of cybersecurity threats has emerged in 2020. And this calls for a cyber security questionnaire for vendors. It’s no question that trust is essential in a strong partnership. But trust today should be given to no one. Particularly in the field of cybersecurity wellness. t trust is essential in a strong partnership. But […]

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Automated Questionnaires

Automated Questionnaires For Vendor Risk Assessment

The vendor risk assessment questionnaire is a very helpful tool. Now, automated questionnaires can make these assessments much easier.  How important are these questionnaires in your vendor risk assessments? And what are the benefits of automated questionnaires? Brief Discussion About Questionnaire A vendor risk assessment questionnaire is designed to help optimize a vendor risk assessment […]

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Third Party Security Assessment

Third Party Security Assessment- Best Key Processes

A third party security assessment is surely a must. Delving deeper into these, a business should be doing this right. Thus, key elements of the process should be considered. This article will discuss five steps. Let us briefly discuss each of them. Step One: Set Vendor Risk Criteria Criteria or standards should help you better […]

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Third Party Risk Assessment Tools

Most Important Third Party Risk Assessment Tools In 2020

Having the right tools also means having the best kind of work. Thus, opt for third party risk assessment tools. This also means the best kind of third party risk assessments. Moreover, there are several tools to help you. Each claims to bring value to your third party cyber risk measures. But, consider the most […]

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Third Party Risk Assessment

More About Third Party Risk Assessment (2020 Edition)

A third party risk assessment or is also known as the vendor risk assessments. These are implemented to gauge the risks between partnerships.  These partnerships are the possible service or product providers to your business. Moreover, these assessments aren’t only for the potential third party vendors. But is also designed for the existing ones.  Also, […]

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Vendor Security Assessment

Principles Of Vendor Security Assessment You Should Know

A vendor security assessment is one way to make sure secured business connections. Of course, partnerships’ foundation is trust. However, even in business, trust should be earned. So this assessment is not to judge nor downgrade vendors’ security systems. But the purpose of this is to ensure high-quality connections. Such connections should employ not just […]

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Automated Vendor Risk Assessment

Automated Vendor Risk Assessment: Is It Good For You?

Businesses today opt for an automated vendor risk assessment. One reason why these businesses opt for automated ways is for upgrades.  Indeed, this process is also time-consuming. Of course, a business isn’t all about managing risks. Although it is a key factor to consider. But, the business should keep running too. Though at the same […]

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