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Top 3 Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors in 2020

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An influx of cybersecurity threats has emerged in 2020. And this calls for a cyber security questionnaire for vendors. It’s no question that trust is essential in a strong partnership. But trust today should be given to no one. Particularly in the field of cybersecurity wellness.

t trust is essential in a strong partnership. But trust today should be given to no one. Particularly in the field of cybersecurity wellness.

No, we’re don’t mean to say ‘not to trust anyone’ in business. Of course, you should. But, in reality though. Even when two business partners trust each other. Crime still happens. Because the responsible criminal is neither the two parties.

But it is what’s in between.

The more cybersecurity is implemented. The more cybercriminals expedite their processes. And upskill their gaming. 

So, what should each party do? 

That is implementing standardization of cybersecurity in the organization. An important aspect of this is third-party security risk assessments. A cyber security questionnaire for vendors helps.

The experts have their say. And that is to ‘make 2020 the year that companies focus on third-party cyber risk’.

Negligence with these costs not only your customer’s trust. But also the very face of your business.

So what can help? SecurityScorecard has listed the top. Here are some of them. 

The CIS 

First on the list is the CIS. CIS stands for the Center for Internet Security. This is a pioneering entity that aims to bring cybersecurity wellness. Both to private and public organizations.

 The CIS offers the following:

  • 20 controls- to guide organizations in addressing security system risks
  • Also, as to how to enhance data protection against cyber threats.
  • Offers more than 150 questions for an effective risk assessment process.

CIS pioneers in this field. They are known for their deep understanding of the cyberthreat. Thus, they can outline the most common threats and vulnerabilities. Moreover, these can help an organization enhance its security protection above all.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology or the NIST. NIST too offers high-quality standards and optimum cybersecurity practices. Most especially in the United States, where cybercrime headlines the cyber news. Thus, their practices are surely competent within the environment.

They offer the NIST Special Publication 800-53. This is a list of security regulations and standards. The list is specially developed to help organizations for FISMA compliance. Or the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). 

The NIST’s goal is to provide optimum holistic cybersecurity risk management. Thus, they offer a broad scale of security controls. All for fortifying the cyber wellness of information systems and their environment as a whole.


Or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a strong foundation of the world’s top 5 credit card providers. Which includes the Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB International, and Discover.

The PCI SSC has set high levels of security standards for safe financial transactions. This is especially needed in the business where credit and debit cards are always on the scene. 

These standards are especially helpful in decreasing the cases of data fraud. In association with credit or debit card transactions. Thus, setting their unified forum in developing data security standards is very helpful.

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