cybersecurity attacks

What Happened On The Largest Cybersecurity Attacks

Data breaches are on the rise again because of our increasing reliance on technology. Let’s have a look back at the world’s worst cybersecurity attacks.  Adobe  Adobe reported in early October 2013 that hackers stole nearly 3 million encrypted records. Those records were log-in credentials and encrypted customer credit card records.  Yet, Adobe increased those […]

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cyber security vs information security

Cyber Security VS Information Security – The Difference

Cyber security vs information security – is there really a difference between those two terms? Many people often interchange those terms. Indeed, they are both associated with cybersecurity. Many regards those terms as synonyms even some of those in the security field. Yet, those two terms are not the same. Moreover, their definitions vary a […]

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information security manager

Diving Deeper At The Role Of Information Security Manager

The IT systems of the company is a very important aspect. An information security manager ensures that all IT systems are protected. In this article, let’s find more about that role. Many build their careers to land a managerial role. It takes special skills and several years of experience to land a managerial role. One […]

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information security threats

Be Aware Against These Information Security Threats

Modern technology allowed more creativity in business than ever before. However, information security threats came along. Like a fire, technology brought unmeasurable benefits. But if it’s left unattended, it could bring disastrous results. It does not matter to cybercriminals if a business is big or small. They attack everyone as long as they possess data. […]

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Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors

Top 3 Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors in 2020

An influx of cybersecurity threats has emerged in 2020. And this calls for a cyber security questionnaire for vendors. It’s no question that trust is essential in a strong partnership. But trust today should be given to no one. Particularly in the field of cybersecurity wellness. t trust is essential in a strong partnership. But […]

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Physical Security for Security Data Breach

A security data breach is often blamed on cyber hackers and malware attacks. But could the company’s own physical security system cause harm? This article will tell you more than you already know. SECURITY DATA BREACH AND YOU You may feel secured and protected inside your office. Your building has high-security measures. But how about […]

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Data security Assessment Questionnaire

How To Complete Data security Assessment Questionnaire?

Completing the Data security Assessment Questionnaire is critical than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.  How To Complete Data security Assessment Questionnaire? Data protection and compliance questionnaires are becoming more and more accessible among technology vendors. They still get longer and more complicated, though. In comparison, for the businesses that acquire […]

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Marriott Data Breach

What Do You Need Know About Marriott Data Breach?

Marriott Data Breach is one of the best examples of how a data breach can affect a company.   What Do You Need to Know About Marriott Data Breach? The Marriott hotel company revealed in late 2018, with hundreds of millions of consumer data, that one of its reservations processes has become a compromise. They exfiltrate […]

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