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Cybersecurity or Data Science: Which Is for You?

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Cybersecurity and data science are among the fastest-growing industries. That’s why many are wondering which is better, cybersecurity or data science? Like any other career comparison, the answer to that question is subjective. 

The rapid evolution of technology and the global shift towards remote work has made data cybersecurity and data science popular career choices. If you’re considering a career shift, consider these two fields. This article will help you determine which is the right path for you, cybersecurity or data science? 

What’s the difference between data science and cybersecurity?

Data, no matter how much you have, is useless if it’s uninterpretable. Hence, this is where data science comes in. Its key objective is to process big data into more structured and specialized data sets. 

Meanwhile, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting and securing electronic data systems from unauthorized access. It has three main goals:

  • Confidentiality – prevent unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential data
  • Integrity – keeps the data free from unauthorized alteration and election
  • Availablity – ensures that authorized personnel have timely access to information

Hence, cybersecurity is for curious individuals that have a strong desire to learn. Moreover, professionals in this field enjoy creative problem solving. 

The main challenges for cybersecurity professionals are:

  • Continuous emergence of new trends
  • Rapidly evolving technologies
  • Society’s increasing dependence on digital systems

Thus, learning never stops for cybersecurity professionals. They need to constantly learn and adapt to keep their skills up to date. This wil give them a step ahead on potential threats. 

On the other hand, data science is more of an abstract role. It is not purely focused on analytics and engineering. Instead, it is a multidisciplinary position dealing with collecting, extracting, and analyzing large amounts of big data from multiple sources. Moreover, data science requires understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

This field is for you if you enjoy mathematics/statistics and strongly interested in analytics, AI, and machine. 

Essential skillsfor both fields

Both fields are highly competitive and demanding. Hence, simply getting the required education is not enough. You must have ample practical experience to develop the necessary skills and mindset in these fields. 

Additionally, both industries need an industry certification. Thus, it will prove that you have what it takes to meet the needs of the employes and immediately bring value to the table. 

Like any other jobs, cybersecurity and data science also requires soft skills. Analytical and problem solving skills are crucial for success in either fields. Furthermore, you must know how to communicate your work on other team members with varying technical knowledge. 

How to find a job in cybersecurity or data science 

Upskilling is one thing, but how do you actually land a job? Listed below are the steps you may take to shorten your job seeking process in cybersecurity or data science. 

  • Attend networking and hiring events. You’ll find potential employers, recruiters and fellow professionals in these events. 
  • Independent research. Staying on top of trends will make you stand out among other job applicants. 
  • Attend data conferences. Your attendance will also reflect a strong initiative and commitment that employers will value.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Build your professional online network while you apply for jobs.
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