cybersecurity in the philippines

All About Cybersecurity in the Philippines

This article will discuss cybersecurity in the Philippines. This will also discuss different offenses. Regarding unauthorized access. Cybersecurity in the Philippines was essential. The government also does its best in implementing it. Accessing third-party data without authorization. Is also illegal under some laws in the Philippines.  If the data is accessed and stored by a […]

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why cybersecurity is important for business

Analyzing Why Cybersecurity Is Important for Business

Our reliance on technology is higher than ever, giving hackers more open doors. This article answers “why cybersecurity is important for business?” Technology has become an increasingly integral aspect of the workplace. Almost every business process works with technology – from email correspondence to financial transactions to collaborative work documents. Thus, businesses rely on technology […]

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cybersecurity in social media

Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media – How?

Social media have become an important part of our lives. Yet, you must implement strong cybersecurity in social media to keep your data safe.  The Positive Side of Social Media  Social media’s popularity is due to its ability to meet the interests and needs of most people. For instance, teens use it to socialize with […]

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how cybersecurity works

How Cybersecurity Works: Its Types and Best Practices

Have you ever been curious about how cybersecurity works? Cybersecurity works to defend companies from both external and internal risks. However, if you’re not sure what cybersecurity is or how it operates, this article would be useful. So read on to find out how to put together a solid cybersecurity plan for your business. What […]

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cybersecurity hygiene

Cybersecurity Hygiene Routine: Steps on How to Build Up

Do you practice cybersecurity hygiene? No doubt it has been a critical component of an information security program. In fact, it’s one of the best cybersecurity practices. Well, washing our hands and brushing our teeth is vital to our personal hygiene. So, we can think of the same way for our computer systems and processes. […]

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Cybersecurity Framework

What You Need To Know About The Cybersecurity Framework?

So in this article, we will tackle the cybersecurity framework. Also, let us tackle the following elements of the framework. Introduction About The Cybersecurity Framework So when we say framework, it is the thing that we do voluntarily guidance. Often it is based on the following guidelines and practices in our company. So why we […]

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cybersecurity work from home

Cybersecurity Work From Home: Tips For A Smoother Job

Cybersecurity Work From Home. Well, with the ongoing saga of the global pandemic, more and more people and organizations are turning to work from home initiatives. However, with the present situation, it gives cybercriminals that much room to expand to your home. Yes, every one of us working from home is in danger! So, we […]

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Cybersecurity Basics

Cybersecurity Basics: What Employees Should Know

Are your employees equipped with the cybersecurity basics? By all means, employees are always on the frontlines in the cloud. Thus, providing a regular dose of reminders should be helpful to keep them wary. As a result, keeping a top-down approach in achieving cyber health. Why Should You Educate Employees? Employees may be working hard […]

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