Information Security Training

Information Security Training Is Important: 3 Reasons Why?

Training in information security is one of the necessary things a company should know. But why is that? Why it become an important thing today? What Is Information Security Training? Security is a state that the availability of information is protected from unauthorized access. Information security training is a process in which the employee learns […]

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Cybersecurity Companies

How Many Cybersecurity Companies We Have?

Explore in this post how many cybersecurity companies are there in the world and how big the cybersecurity market is. How Many Cybersecurity Companies Are There In The World? There are 39,000 cybersecurity companies in the world, according to ResearchGate. It’s an impressive number, but there are even more cybersecurity firms worldwide. The number is […]

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Cyber Security Without a Degree

How to Learn Cyber Security Without a Degree?

Many were asking how to learn cyber security without a degree? Is it possible? Explore more in this section and also read about some of the best cyber security certifications for beginners. Overview Cyber security is a very broad field of study that has to do with the protection of data and information. This information […]

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Cybersecurity to Prevent Attacks

How Does a Company Use Cybersecurity to Prevent Attacks?

Cyber attacks are ruining everything now, so how does a company use cybersecurity to prevent attacks? What are the steps they take? Introduction about Cybersecurity to Prevent Attacks Cybersecurity is an important topic of discussion these days. Every company wants to know how to prevent attacks.  Cyber attacks are the biggest threat to any business […]

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Cybersecurity Has Evolved

How Cybersecurity Has Evolved Through the Years?

Can you see how cybersecurity has evolved through the years? Also, how did it change the lives of people? Let us find out here. How Cybersecurity Has Evolved Through the Years? 1983 The first virus, Elk Cloner, was released. It was a boot sector virus and it infected Apple II computers.  It was co-written by […]

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Cybersecurity Beneficial

How is Cybersecurity Beneficial for Business?

Cybersecurity is everywhere. But, how is cybersecurity beneficial for business, and how cybersecurity helps to grow business? Overview It is difficult to imagine a modern business out of the cyber world. Today, both small and large businesses are using IT systems. It is not only for work processes but also for their marketing and sales. […]

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