cybersecurity attacks

What Happened On The Largest Cybersecurity Attacks

Data breaches are on the rise again because of our increasing reliance on technology. Let’s have a look back at the world’s worst cybersecurity attacks.  Adobe  Adobe reported in early October 2013 that hackers stole nearly 3 million encrypted records. Those records were log-in credentials and encrypted customer credit card records.  Yet, Adobe increased those […]

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fortress information security

Fortress Information Security

Do you have an idea about Fortress Information Security? It is among the largest information security companies. Aside from that, within the U. S, they have vulnerability and risk control. They also protect the state’s vital resources. The following sectors are included: Financial facilities such as banks Transportation Protection The TAS System Of Fortress Information […]

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management of information security

What Is The Management Of Information Security?

What is the management of information security? Do you have an idea? Let’s find out more in this article. With no further ado, let’s get started. The Management Of Information Security Now, large firms yield, collect and store huge numbers of their clients’ data. Such as the following factors: Data analysis of conduct Usage Data […]

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information security vs cyber security

Information Security vs Cybersecurity

How does information security vs cybersecurity different? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of each. Let’s find out. Introduction Information security vs cybersecurity is also used synonymously. Many others in the defense sector, too. However, the two words aren’t all the same. Each of them addresses different kinds of protection. It is also […]

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cyber security vs information security

Cyber Security VS Information Security – The Difference

Cyber security vs information security – is there really a difference between those two terms? Many people often interchange those terms. Indeed, they are both associated with cybersecurity. Many regards those terms as synonyms even some of those in the security field. Yet, those two terms are not the same. Moreover, their definitions vary a […]

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Automated Questionnaires

Why Businesses Need Automated Questionnaires

Before, automated questionnaires include a long list of questions. This tool and online survey software began in the late 1990s. Moreover, having a PC is the only way to access the questions answered by anonymous people. The Never-Ending Popularity of Automated Questionnaires Yet, technology made a huge improvement since the 1990s. And it keeps on […]

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