Information Assurance And Security

Information Assurance And Security – What Is It?

What is information assurance and security? Today, it is now a growing field. And most of the time, it pays a fat paycheck. So, let us dig deeper into that in this article. Information Assurance and Security Information assurance and security (IAS) is the love child of these two fields: Information Assurance. It focuses on making […]

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Information Security Audit

Information Security Audit: The Different Types

Doing an information security audit is now important. This lets you see at what level the quality of your information security (Infosec) is. But there are several kinds of infosec audits. Still, their main goal is the same. To find out any security gaps and vulnerabilities present. Some of the reasons for these may be the people, […]

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Information Security Governance

Information Security Governance: An Overview

Have you heard about Information Security Governance (ISG)? What is it? And how do you make an effective one for your business? If you want to know more, keep on reading. Information Security Governance Information Security Governance or ISG. This is a system that controls the company’s information security (Infosec) activities. Thus, it directs the […]

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Information Security Policy Template

Information Security Policy Template: Tips To Write One

Writing an information security policy template is not always easy. But there are helpful tips that you can follow to write an effective one. If you want to write one, you might find this article to be helpful. Information Security Policy Template: Contents In writing an information security policy (ISP), you first need to review […]

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Principles Of Information Security

Principles Of Information Security You Need To Follow

There are three key principles of information security that you need to follow. Doing so will make sure all your vital information is safe. Information security, infosec, or data security. There are several ways to call this practice. But it only means one thing. To keep sensitive data safe from any unauthorized access or changes. […]

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Information Security And Risk Management

Information Security And Risk Management: What and How?

Have you ever heard of Information Security and Risk Management? What is it? And what are the different stages in making one? If you want to know more, keep on reading. Information Security And Risk Management Definition And Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) focuses on one thing. Keeping data safe. So, it manages any risk when […]

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Information Security Plan

Information Security Plan: Helpful Tips To Make One

Keeping data safe is now a growing concern for many companies. But making an information security plan is not always that easy. More and more kinds of risks and threats are rising. Also, in 2019, around 61% of companies experienced at least one cyberattack. This is alarming. Because these attacks can cause lasting damage to companies. Some […]

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