Principles Of Information Security

Principles Of Information Security You Need To Follow

Cyber Security

There are three key principles of information security that you need to follow. Doing so will make sure all your vital information is safe.

Information security, infosec, or data security. There are several ways to call this practice. But it only means one thing.

To keep sensitive data safe from any unauthorized access or changes. And includes both physical or digital data. And whether it is in the state of storage or transferring.

Further, infosec is a practice under the more general cybersecurity. And as said, it has three key principles. This is where you should build your policies around.

These principles are sometimes called the CIA triad of Infosec. Keep on reading to know more.

Principles Of Information Security


The first thing that you heard about Infosec, this might be the first thing in your mind.

If so, that is only right. Today, we rely more and more on data. So, we need to keep them safe. Away from any harm that can delete or change them.

So, we need to keep it only for those who need it and should be able to access it. To ensure this, you need to know who is trying to access your data.

Then, you need to be able to block any attempts from any unauthorized people. To do this, you can make use of:

  • passwords
  • encryption
  • authentication
  • software against attacks

If you fail to put these up, you risk losing data. Or you risk it getting in the hands of the wrong people that might use it in the wrong way.


Next up is integrity. This means you need to keep your data accurate, reliable, and complete.

Thus, you need to keep people from doing unwanted changes. May it be from outsiders or those who have access to them. Whether intentional or not.

Also, the ways to keep your data confidential are the ways to keep its integrity. After all, hackers can’t change anything if they can’t access your data.

But the other problem lies with those who have access to data. They can make unwanted changes to it by accident or by intent.

So, to keep this from happening, you can make use of checksums. It can help you check your data’s integrity.

Also, you can make use of control software to keep unwanted changes from happening. Another way is to always keep backups.


The last one is the availability of your data. This means those who have the right to access the data should get into it easily.

Also, when they are accessing data, it should be safe and secure. And they need to be able to get into it anytime.

To do this, you need to match your network and computing resources to the amount of data access.

Also, put up a disaster recovery plan. So that they could still access data in case of emergencies.

Follow the Principles Of Information Security

So, above are the key principles of Infosec. Follow those three in making plans and policies to ensure your data is safe.

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