cybersecurity books

Best Cybersecurity Books For Beginners

Everyone can be a target of data breaches. Thus, it’s important to keep updated. The best way for that is to read cybersecurity books.  Almost every person in the world owns a smartphone device or computer, making the threats inevitable. Threats grow both in number and complexity. Thus, information security is now a crucial element […]

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Cybersecurity Newsletter

Cybersecurity Newsletter: Topics Your Employees Should Know

Providing a regular dose of cybersecurity newsletter to employees is somehow healthy in keeping a healthy cybersecurity state. The Purpose Of Regular Cybersecurity Newsletters Cybersecurity newsletters can serve as your employee’s regular reminders in keeping up with safety.  Why is this important? Employees are at the frontlines of a company’s systems and networks. In addition, […]

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Cybersecurity Careers

Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Careers In 2021

Pursuing cybersecurity careers today is by far one of the most in-demand job positions today.  Why Consider Pursuing A Cybersecurity Career? Pursuing cybersecurity careers today is by far one of the most in-demand job positions today. In fact, the World Economic Forum confirms that. According to them, a recent survey they conducted shows that cybersecurity […]

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information security manager

Diving Deeper At The Role Of Information Security Manager

The IT systems of the company is a very important aspect. An information security manager ensures that all IT systems are protected. In this article, let’s find more about that role. Many build their careers to land a managerial role. It takes special skills and several years of experience to land a managerial role. One […]

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Digital Security Platform

Why Your Company Needs the Right Digital Security Platform?

Every digital organization’s central issue is digital security. That’s why they need the Digital Security Platform is more important than ever. Why Your Company Needs the Right Digital Security Platform? In today’s hyper-connected environment, risk management depends not only on engineering skills but on a range of additional skills from stress resistance to efficient crisis […]

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan Strategy In The Next Normal

Disaster Recovery Plan is a must in the Next Normal era where everything is in crisis.  Next Normal Issues These accidents can occur as often as electric explosions, damaged water pipes, faulty air conditioners, and rough monkeys. So while business leaders may think that their position is safe, it’s important to note that attacks daily […]

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Cybersecurity Leadership

CISO Tips: Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges

In the Next Normal era, the role of CISO needed more than ever; the concept of Cybersecurity Leadership is the key to success.  Cybersecurity Leadership Whether you like it, for companies that aim at higher potential profitability and economic progress, resistance is futile, and the drastic transition is unavoidably required. For critical processes, individual companies […]

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