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Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Careers In 2021

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Pursuing cybersecurity careers today is by far one of the most in-demand job positions today. 

Why Consider Pursuing A Cybersecurity Career?

Pursuing cybersecurity careers today is by far one of the most in-demand job positions today. In fact, the World Economic Forum confirms that. According to them, a recent survey they conducted shows that cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of US-based company executives. 

This is reasonable. Cybersecurity attacks are increasing in number, frequency, and variation. However, even with such growth, the number of people with enough skills to fill the need is somehow lacking. It is still not in proportion to the growth rate of attacks. 

In line with this, it is certainly a good time to consider pursuing a career in the field. If you have received the right training in the field, why won’t you consider pursuing a career in it?

To help you see the best fitting career in cybersecurity, here are some of the most in-demand jobs you can consider. Not to mention that these jobs can help you make more than $100,000 in a year. 

In-Demand Cybersecurity Careers You May Want To Consider

Here is a list of cybersecurity careers you can consider.

1. Chief Information Security Officer

Being a CISO is putting yourself to the executive level of an organization. One of a CISO’s core duties is to oversee the holistic cybersecurity state of a company. 

Perhaps in matters like policies, planning, and development. Not to mention the execution of these. And lastly, the company’s whole cybersecurity architecture. 

So if you are someone wanting the position, you should have the needed technical and management skills.

2. Chief Privacy Officer

Another in-demand executive role is as a chief privacy officer. In fact, today, this position is increasing in demand in different kinds of organizations. Namely, big companies, institutions, and organizations. This as well includes government entities and sectors.

What’s the main duty of a chief privacy officer?

He oversees the privacy and protection of confidential data. Personal details of employees, clients, and customers, for instance. In addition, they also make sure that their financial records are kept private and secured.

3. Computer Forensics

A computer forensics career is quite a tricky yet exciting career in cybersecurity. They are the ones who work closely with company officials and law officers. That is when an incident occurs, such as a data, network, or security breach occurs.

Computer Forensics officer plots and understands how the company’s system was compromised, for instance.

4. Computer Security Incident Responder

Their name suggests their main duty. Yes, you have heard it right. They are the ones who are initially called in times of an incident. Data breach, cyberattacks, or network hacks, for example.

Besides, a part of their job is to document the incident and also in developing a response.

5. Cryptanalysts 

On the other hand, cryptanalysts make use of different ways of concealing data. Mathematics, computer science, and engineering, for instance. However, this career is sometimes confused with a cryptographer. Although both careers relate to cybersecurity, there is a difference in their duty.

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