Information Security Training

Information Security Training Is Important: 3 Reasons Why?

Training in information security is one of the necessary things a company should know. But why is that? Why it become an important thing today? What Is Information Security Training? Security is a state that the availability of information is protected from unauthorized access. Information security training is a process in which the employee learns […]

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cybersecurity books

Best Cybersecurity Books For Beginners

Everyone can be a target of data breaches. Thus, it’s important to keep updated. The best way for that is to read cybersecurity books.  Almost every person in the world owns a smartphone device or computer, making the threats inevitable. Threats grow both in number and complexity. Thus, information security is now a crucial element […]

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cybersecurity questions to ask

Cybersecurity Questions to Ask When You’re on the C-suite

What are the cybersecurity questions to ask especially when you’re in the C-suite? No doubt, cybercrime poses a serious threat to businesses. The news and other information sources consistently urge companies to be aware of the risks. Thus, encouraging them to take action to protect their data, servers, and services from attacks. But, this leaves […]

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Information Security Risk Management

Information Security Risk Management- Explained In 4 Stages

Information security risk management (ISRM) is the business of managing IT relevant risks. An ISRM process includes the identification, assessment, and treatment of risks. The process, on the other hand, should be governed by the CIA triad. The CIA triad, namely, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Moreover, the organization can not fully dissolve risks. That would […]

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Information Security Risk Assessment

Information Security Risk Assessment- 7-Step Guide

How can you optimize your information security risk assessment?  The Essense of Information Security Risk Assessment Information Security Risk Assessments are crucial in an organization’s compliance with ISO 27001. How the assessment goes shall define how the system will operate. In other words, ISRA affects Information Security Management System (ISMS). This, not only affects your […]

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CISO tips

CISO Tips: How To Create A Safer Business Environment

As businesses strengthen their security, cyber threats also grow in volume and complexity. With this in mind, what CISO tips can help to create a safer business environment? Read the following tips to learn and find out more. 5 CISO Tips Others Find Effective Invest In Threat Intelligence Programmes Threat Intelligence is information that helps […]

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