What Are The Top CISO KPIs Must Use?


CISOs are one of the frontliners to make sure a company is cyber resilient. To do this, there are top CISO KPIs that they need to follow.

If they do this, they help the company grow. As of today, digital transformation or Dx is crucial. And cybersecurity, of course, is at its close following.

When CISOs know what they are doing, the company can rise above its rivals.

So, what are the top CISO KPIs they must use? Keep on reading to know more.


The Skill Level of the IT Security Staff

CISOs must gauge at what level of skills their staff has. This is with fighting off threats in cybersecurity.

Yes, a lot of IT Security teams are getting tired and overworked. This is due to the lack of staff most companies have.

But there are now a lot of security tools that can help them ease up their workload. Especially with the rise of AI.

Also, there is another metric that most know as “Red Teaming.” This is a war game-like event where the IT Security teams get tested to their limits.

So, CIOs can see where their breaking points are when fighting off lots of cyber threats.

Levels of Satisfaction of the IT Security Staff

This metric test how happy each IT Security staff are in their jobs. Even in the face of many challenges and close to breaking point.

Take note that there only a few cybersecurity experts. There is a shortage of them. Thus, these experts can jump ship at any time they like.

Of course, no one wants that to happen. Right? So, CISOs must let them know all the time that they are truly appreciated.

How Much a Security Breach Will Cost

No matter if we dislike thinking about this happening, it still can. So, CISOs need to calculate possible costs if one might happen.

But nobody is sure about what, when, and how an attack may happen. But at least an estimate can help all C-suite levels prepare a budget in case.

Also, it is vital to calculate direct and indirect costs. Then, they also need to note of possible fines they may face. That is if they are then found not compliant with some regulations.

The Levels of Support

This is one key area that CISO must find out. They need to let all people of the whole mission and goals of the company.

Then, make sure those below them take this into the heart. And measure the level of support for the business mission.

If this gets higher, they can expect better performance from them.

The Return on Investment or ROI

Another vital area is ROI. It is not only limited to the world of finance now.

Seeing the ROI can be then applied to many areas like:

  • the value they are getting from the workforce
  • new security techs investments
  • value of training programs
  • the value of Security Policies

With this, CISOs can make sure the company is getting their value for money.

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