Retaining a Virtual CISO

Advantages of Retaining a Virtual CISO

In the Next Normal era, where the cyberattack is everywhere, Retaining a Virtual CISO is the best leaders could do. Retaining a Virtual CISO: Cybersecurity In 2020 Finally, the publicity receives from cybersecurity. Stuff, which once was held exclusively inside the boardrooms and limited government departments, from whistle-blowers to critical code breaches, has become a […]

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Virtual CISO Benefits

Virtual CISO Benefits: Top Benefits of a Virtual CISO In 2020

Virtual CISO comes with tons of benefits that every company needs. Check out this post to find out more about Virtual CISO Benefits. What Is A Virtual CISO? What’s a virtual CISO, never wondering? Or whether your financial organization will consider a viable solution? The leadership and strategy on cybersecurity in an organization is a […]

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Hire A Virtual CISO

When the Right Time is to Hire Virtual CISO?

To hire a Virtual CISO is a troublesome task that most company’s leader now has a hard time doing it. Check out this post to find out more.  What does a CISO do?  A CISO is an individual in an organization responsible for establishing and enforcing technology strategies, procedures, and infrastructure in that company. CISO’s […]

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