federal supply chain risk management

Best Practices In Federal Supply Chain Risk Management

The western economic rivalry is threatening reliability and safety. In this context, we will tackle the federal supply chain risk management. Introduction Revived emphasis on the national defense supply chain risk management. This is the value of America’s broader economy’s growth.  SCRM is fresh and crucial for its interconnected cyber challenges. So, they addressed it […]

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Continuous Security Monitoring For DevOps

Continuous Security Monitoring For DevOps Best Practices

Continuous security monitoring for DevOps is risky. This is most especially the case with the continuous delivery of software changes. However, with the best practices, these risks can therefore be mitigated. Let us discuss the best practices of continuous security monitoring for DevOps. Good Leadership Results To Better Security This is no question even in […]

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Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy

Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy

Information Security Continuous Monitoring strategy is vital in a risk management framework. An essential aspect of the process the security team surely doesn’t want to miss.  This article will lead you to the following topics: What do you mean by Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy? Why is it essential in risk management? Continuous Monitoring This […]

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Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors

Top 3 Cyber Security Questionnaire For Vendors in 2020

An influx of cybersecurity threats has emerged in 2020. And this calls for a cyber security questionnaire for vendors. It’s no question that trust is essential in a strong partnership. But trust today should be given to no one. Particularly in the field of cybersecurity wellness. t trust is essential in a strong partnership. But […]

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Automated Questionnaires

Automated Questionnaires For Vendor Risk Assessment

The vendor risk assessment questionnaire is a very helpful tool. Now, automated questionnaires can make these assessments much easier.  How important are these questionnaires in your vendor risk assessments? And what are the benefits of automated questionnaires? Brief Discussion About Questionnaire A vendor risk assessment questionnaire is designed to help optimize a vendor risk assessment […]

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Third Party Risk Assessment

More About Third Party Risk Assessment (2020 Edition)

A third party risk assessment or is also known as the vendor risk assessments. These are implemented to gauge the risks between partnerships.  These partnerships are the possible service or product providers to your business. Moreover, these assessments aren’t only for the potential third party vendors. But is also designed for the existing ones.  Also, […]

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Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Top Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire You Should Ask

To ensure a quality vendor risk assessment. Consider the vendor cybersecurity questionnaire.  This is increasingly crucial. This happens every year. Naturally, companies build more and more vendors on their list. Thus, this surely affects their IT ecosystem as a whole. Make sure to be informed of the vendor’s security measures foremost. Top Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire […]

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Data Breach

Data Breach: What Is It And Why You Need Beware?

In the Next Normal era, where Data Breach is happening everywhere, companies need to know how to protect their data.  Biggest data breaches of the decade Although hundreds of data breaches have affected customers worldwide, some of the most severe has happened in recent years and involve privacy vulnerability leakage, considering computer protection measures to […]

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CISO Vs. Third-Party Risk Management

CISO Vs. Third-Party Risk Management: All You Need To Know

In the Next Normal era, where the cyberattack is common than ever, topics like “CISO Vs. Third-Party Risk Management” is what we need. CISO Vs. Third-Party Risk Management: All You Need To Know The protection that operates hugely complicated, nuanced, and continuously monitor. It is the truth. Risk management tools from third parties are a […]

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Third Party Security Practices

Third-Party Security Practices For a more Secured System

The need for third-party security practices became more important this day. With the digital evolution of our networking and the growth of cloud and edge computing, the boundary of the organization is fussier than ever before. This has assisted with an extensive, and sometimes regional, provide a network to free up communications. The latest vendor […]

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