Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy

Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy

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Information Security Continuous Monitoring strategy is vital in a risk management framework. An essential aspect of the process the security team surely doesn’t want to miss. 

This article will lead you to the following topics:

  • What do you mean by Information Security Continuous Monitoring Strategy?
  • Why is it essential in risk management?

Continuous Monitoring

This is also referred to as ConMon, Continuous Monitoring Strategy, or Continuous Control Monitoring. Whichever you may be familiar with, it all refers to the same concept. 

So what is it?

  • It is a vital step in Risk Management.
  • Continuous Monitoring aids the security team. To gain an overview of the system’s current security. Moreover, it helps them to see. Whether current security practices are being efficient or not. Or does the management need to make some advancement? 
  • The word ‘continuous’ explains the process itself. Thus, this is an ongoing risk management strategy. To ensure optimum cyber health in the whole security system.

The Essence Of Continuous Monitoring

Aside from the mentioned reasons above. Continuous Monitoring strategy serves more purposes in one’s business. 

We can take it into one major point perhaps. It is all for optimum security. But we opt to delve in deeper.

Everyone in the business today knows. That cyber threats and attacks are growing in number. And that they’re inevitably growing in more sophistication too. Thus, the used-to-be effective security practices do not always seem to be effective.

When it comes to changes, the IT world presents itself. For instance, changes to the system do happen. Like unexpected changes with one’s software, hardware, or firmware. These changes can present loopholes for malicious attacks. Thus, keeping one’s system up-to-date aids much. 

Always put this in mind. That you can never trust your own security system. Never be complacent and confident enough when it comes to security. This notion should give you enough boost to always check in with your system.

Here’s how a good and foolproof Continuous Monitoring Strategy comes vital. These strategies ought to be resilient. And most of all, highly reliable. Because change is inevitable. And you can never trust anyone.

To develop and build a strong Continuous Monitoring program is a good security foundation. The process sounds too complex for most. But, technologies advance, and tools are also here. 

Continuous Monitoring Tools

The process truly sounds complex. But, thanks to today’s innovation and continuous discoveries. There are tools to help you with the job. 

In addition, this is most helpful for security teams. Because this surely helps them to implement more safety and security in data. Both in collection and sharing.

System Configuration Management Tools

This can serve you with an easy overview. That is with the help of dashboards and risk reporting. Also, make use of the tools that provide real-time analysis of the system. 

Networking Configuration Management Tools

On the other hand, make use of tools for network configuration assessment. This must include network policies and inventories. 

Vulnerability Scanners

Lastly, opt for authenticated vulnerability scanners. This must provide you how well your current practices work with your vulnerabilities.

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