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6 Cybersecurity Games: Fun Learning To Improve Your Skills

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6 Cybersecurity Games. Have you played any cybersecurity games? If so, then you can be a testament to how real-life simulations can advance cybersecurity skills. Also, you’ll get rewards for doing a great job, and that’s perfect to boost your confidence in the field. But it’s not all based on merit.

Within simulations and games, you can learn to understand failure as a learning occasion. Yes, playing is a practice for the real thing!

So, let’s talk about 6 cybersecurity games for a moment. Here are a few resources across the security awareness industry that can help you get started today.

Keep Tradition Secure

To promote National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Texas A&M Information Technology created a series of games. Inside of the game is “Bad Bull”, a hacker who frightens the traditions of the Texas A&M campus. So, the user needs to track the threat to stop bad things from happening. To achieve its goal, the user needs to answer important cybersecurity questions while wandering the campus.

Cyber ​​Awareness Challenge

Think of this game as time travel, wherein you aim to prevent bad things from happening in the year 2030. Well, life in the future is heavily affected because of past security incidents. So, a 2030 message is declared as an urgent warning.

To save humanity, the user needs to block the appearance of these incidents or to use evidence from files in the case of the types of situations offered.

The game’s design is to promote awareness of how current incidents can impact the future. Yes, your goal is to reduce the overall status of the threat and alter the future.

Targeted Attack: The Game

In this game, the idea is you’ll become a CIO at Fugle Inc. To start your journey, you’ll be presented a video where you can choose the strategy, the way forward, and a defined budget.

Moreover, you have the authority to make decisions to defend confidential company information revealed to possible security obstacles. So, the goal is to make good use of the budget by doing the most suitable decisions.

Zero Threat

This game can be a good training tool, why? Well, in this game, you’ll have risk simulation such as breaches, infected devices, phishing emails, malware, and more. Yes, we all agree that having the network under continuous threat is an event no one wants to have. This is a fun way of learning.

Game Of Threats

The user can engage in this game as an attacker or as a defender. Also, you’ll experience time management in seconds while your company’s costly information resources are under threat.

The purpose of the game is to raise executive awareness in understanding what important decisions to be made in a short time. Also, PwC develops the game.

Cybersecurity Lab

In this game, the user is confronted to lead cybersecurity as the CTO of a social networking startup. The funny thing about this is the name of the simulated fictional media to choose from. (“Einstagram”, “SnapCat”, “WattsAmp” and “Phasebook”)

Moreover, the concept is that the user strengthens the defenses to ward off attacks in diverse challenges such as breaking passwords, codes, and confidential information.

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