why cybersecurity career

Why Cybersecurity Career Is a Great Choice

The zero-percent unemployment stat is just one of the many reasons why cybersecurity career is a great choice. Find out some of those reasons here. You don’t need to be a cybersecurity professional to understand that this industry promises a lot of growth. Every business needs some sort of data protection. Moreover, the need for […]

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cybersecurity job outlook

Cybersecurity Job Outlook for 2021 – Is It Good?

If you’re considering a career in cybersecurity, you’ll be happy to know that the cybersecurity job outlook is as strong as ever. Even the COVID-19 pandemic can’t stop the growth of cybersecurity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that the number of workers in the cybersecurity industry will grow by 31%. That is between […]

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Vendor Risk Assessment

Vendor Risk Assessment Checklist 2020

The business should work with fellow businesses. That’s why a vendor risk assessment is important. How can a company make sure of these third party suppliers?  Along with this, a checklist can help us manage it effectively. Defining The Vendor Risk Assessment Simply put it off as filtering or screening of potential business partners. This may also […]

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Disaster Recovery Plan Example PDF: Top Key Elements

Do you know that businesses lose earnings and incur expenses every year due to disasters? A disaster recovery plan example pdf should help you prepare. Disasters may be unavoidable, but the losses are preventable. Consider these disaster recovery plan example pdf guide in this article! Top Reasons for Developing A DRP We can name a […]

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Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist: What You Should Include

Any disaster can hit any business at any time. How ready are you? Do you have your disaster recovery plan checklist? What are the things you should not miss? Check this article for a guide! A Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist Is, This is different from a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. A disaster recovery checklist can […]

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Five Tips To Start Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan

The unexpected happens. Are you prepared? Do you have your business disaster recovery plan readied? See the article to find out the what’s, why’s, and the how’s of building your DR plan. WHAT IS BUSINESS DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN? It is a document that reflects your measures of recovery from a disastrous event. Includes defined strategies […]

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