What’s Inside: A Disaster Recovery Plan PDF

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A disaster recovery plan pdf file must help you with your planning. What are the key components of an effective disaster recovery plan?

A Brief Description: What Is A Disaster Recovery Plan For?

It is a documentation of a business’s reaction to a disaster. Having a plan ahead will help mitigate the risks. However, the fact of having a plan can not excuse you from disasters. No, disasters are inevitable. Otherwise, the goal is to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Besides, this also concerns even during the event of a disaster. If at all costs possible to encourage business continuity.

What’s Inside A Disaster Recovery Plan PDF

You might google the words ‘disaster recovery plan’. And you will meet downloadable pdf files. See what these pdf files include.

What are the key components of a disaster recovery plan? Here are some of them.


The documentation must begin with an objective part. This explains what the whole is all about. What are the goals of this document? What summarizes the content of this plan?

Moreover, being clear and detailed in your objectives aids. It will help you be clear with your content too.

Policy Statement

This is to be coming from the corporate management team. Here outline the policy methods of the whole plan. Consider these key questions when developing your policy statement.

What should this plan cover? Who are the responsible personnel? How should each employee cooperate? How often should this plan be up to date?

Key Personnel Contact Information Sheet

Have this on a separate page of the file. It should be in a table format for easy viewing. This table will highlight the key persons of the DR Team.
Additionally, details should include the following.:

  • Complete Name
  • Title or Job Position
  • Alternative Contact Options (email, mobile phone number, home phone number)

This shall allow for easy tracking of personnel. For instance, a disaster occurs.

External Contacts

Aside from the key personnel from the Disaster Recovery team. Assign another sheet for the external contacts.

Remember, to provide the same details with the key personnel information sheet.
External contacts include outsourced companies. This includes the following.:

  • Power Company
  • Landlord or the Property Manager
  • Telecom Carriers
  • Suppliers
  • HVAC-Contact
  • Power Generator
  • Others- your company is in connection with

Planning Overview

Helps in easy navigation of the plan. This should include the following elements.:

  • Plan Updating
  • Storage of the Documentation
  • Strategies for Backup
  • Risk Management

Organize The Plan Into Appendixes

Since your plan is not for single disaster preparation. Divide and organize your plan into ‘plans’. That is, according to your systems and potential disasters.

For example, you may have one to two systems. Have different planning strategies for each. In addition, you may have different connections. Such as WAN, LAN, Remote Connectivity, and voice communications. Also, make a separate planning strategy for each.

Monitoring Forms of Recovery Task Progress

Include a monitoring sheet for your plan. This table should include a list of recovery tasks. Plus, the persons who are responsible for each. Also, the completion dates and other related remarks.

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