Disaster Recovery Plan Example PDF: Top Key Elements

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Do you know that businesses lose earnings and incur expenses every year due to disasters? A disaster recovery plan example pdf should help you prepare. Disasters may be unavoidable, but the losses are preventable.

Consider these disaster recovery plan example pdf guide in this article!

Top Reasons for Developing A DRP

We can name a lot of reasons for the benefits a DRP brings. However, let us highlight three main reasons for this article.

Data Protection

Data is an asset to a business. Losing data also means losing the business itself. However, a DRP should help you prevent that. Having backup systems must prepare you for possible losses. Thus, continue the business despite the interruption.

Cyberattack Impact Reduction

Cybercriminals love unprotected data. It opens easy access to its intent. That is why having a DRP ensures protection to your data. It shall help you regain the lost data. For instance, a cyberattack occurs.

Assures Client’s Data Protection

Aside from your data, your clients are one of your biggest assets. You cannot run a company without them. And, you must assure them. Ensure that their personal and sensitive data are safe with you. Having a DRP readied will assure them of their protection.

Overall, having an effective DRP contributes to the company’s value. It keeps your clients’ satisfaction and safety. Plus, it enhances your company’s reputation.

Top Key Elements

You may take a look at these key elements in developing your DR Plan.

Clear Recovery Objectives

Set your key objectives under two factors. RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). These two objectives must help you develop an optimal plan.

Remember, the key objective of this plan is to reduce the downtime. Also, with the data loss and quick recovery.

Pinpoint Main Professionals

These professionals should include internal and external persons. Record each individual and their contact information. Include the details of their means of communication. Also, as to when should they be contacted. Likewise, with their job positions and descriptions.

Effective Data Recovery

In the event of a disaster, one of the main concerns should be data recovery. Part of developing your plan should be the means of data recovery. You might have several options. This may include hard drive recovery, tape recovery, optical recovery, and more.

It will be helpful to have different means of data recovery. Disasters may come in different forms too. Ensure to have different backups in differing situations.

Incident Criteria Checklist

Prepare a complete checklist in identifying a disaster. This is important for the DRP team. Especially for them to execute the plan as quickly as possible.

Proper And Organized Documentation

Document the final thoughts and preparations for this plan. However, mere documentation is not enough. Aim for a proper and organized one. Be as clear as possible.

Also, make everyone aware of the plan. The effectiveness of the plan is not the DR Team’s core responsibility. Encourage each in the company to have their share. After all, each employee benefits the company. So, everyone too should be well-oriented.

Have proper filing and storage for this documentation as well.

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