Cybersecurity Companies In the Philippines

The Following Cybersecurity Companies In The Philippines

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We will discuss the following cybersecurity companies in the Philippines. Also, let us have some brief knowledge about these companies.

Philippines Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity market in the Philippines is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 24% and reach $5.47 billion by 2020, growing from $2.9 billion in 2015.

Innovate with digital security solutions from this cybersecurity company in the Philippines. 

We provide IT security solutions for both public and private sector organizations. Includes risk assessment, security audit, data classification and protection, vulnerability management, cyber forensics, and incident response. 

The cybersecurity company is specializing in cyber security services for the internet and mobile security, cloud security, data protection, and disaster recovery.

We will also discuss the following topics related to cybersecurity companies in the Philippines. 

Cybersecurity Companies In Philippines: 

Information Technology is a vital part of businesses and the critical infrastructure of the country. The IT and telecommunications industry in the Philippines is primarily composed of commercial companies and state-owned entities. 

Information technology in the Philippines is regulated primarily by the country’s Department of Information and Communications Technology.

With rapid changes in technology, various IT experts in the country have been providing their services to various organizations to ensures. So that they will be able to implement new technologies in their business operations. Without experiencing any problems in their day-to-day operations. 

Cybersecurity companies in the Philippines provide IT security solutions for both public and private sector organizations. Also, it applies to business applications, mobile applications, and cloud computing services. 

There are various cybersecurity companies in the country that provide comprehensive information security services. These companies also offer support services.

It will include the following:

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Encryption
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity Management
  • Web Application Security
  • Application Security Testing
  • Compliance Assessment Toolkit Development
  • Audit Support, Training, And More.

These cybersecurity companies in the Philippines offer comprehensive information security services. 

5 Companies In Philippines Providing Cybersecurity Services

1. Atlas Technology Solutions is a leading provider of information technology, professional, and consulting services.

2. BEVCOMM is a leading service provider operating in the country. It offers the following: 

  1. telecommunications,
  2. technology, and
  3. information solutions. The company has its headquarters in Quezon City.

3.CyberSecurity Systems Inc. is a full-service provider of cybersecurity products and services. It also provides the following managed cybersecurity services.

So it includes:

  1. security consulting,
  2. network monitoring,
  3. security training,
  4. incident response, and
  5. forensic investigations. 

The company is based in Angeles City, Philippines.

Cyber Security Training Institute provides various training programs for IT professionals. The training programs are designed to prepare the following:

  1. IT professionals, to deal with the challenges of digital security threats. 
  2. It also provides cyber security certification courses for government agencies, private corporations, and individuals.

The company is based in Makati City, Philippines.

4. Cyberdefense Technologies Inc is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified Information Security Organization (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

They specialize in providing Information Security Solutions (IS) to clients. It delivers data protection, information security assessments, and information security services. Also, the are globally accepted best practices and methodologies.

So they can ensure compliance with best international practices against security threats like hacking, malware infection, denial of services (DoS), etc. In addition, as well as social engineering attacks like phishing attempts or social media scams (SMS spoofing).

The company implements various information protection measures including the following:

  • physical access control systems (PAS),
  • web application firewalls (WAF),
  • intrusion prevention systems (IPS),
  • anti-virus software or anti-spyware software, etc.

So through which it ensures data confidentiality and integrity of the client’s data assets.

5.CyberDefense Technologies delivers its services to customers across multiple industries. So it includes the following:

  • financial institutions (banks),
  • technology companies,
  • healthcare sector organizations, etc

Also, some branches are situated across multiple locations in India and abroad.

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