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Why Cybersecurity Career Is a Great Choice

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The zero-percent unemployment stat is just one of the many reasons why cybersecurity career is a great choice. Find out some of those reasons here.

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity professional to understand that this industry promises a lot of growth. Every business needs some sort of data protection. Moreover, the need for cybersecurity has never been better due to our increased reliance on technology. Data breaches are hitting the headlines again so it is clear that every organization must invest in cybersecurity. 

The transition to a cybersecurity career is easy for individuals coming from an IT background. After all, every role within IT has a cybersecurity aspect. Moreover, cybersecurity has many exciting aspects you can explore. 

Here are the top reasons why cybersecurity career is a great choice. 

Practically unlimited growth

Since cybersecurity is a tech industry, it is ever-expanding. In other words, it presents the ultimate growth potential – both in your career path and for learning opportunities. As noted earlier, cybersecurity links to all of the other IT skill sets. A good cybersecurity professional strives to understand as much as possible about how organizations and technologies work. 

A great cybersecurity professional understands that learning never stops. That’s a huge opportunity to stay engaged and challenged. In fact, you need to continuously grow if you want to stay in the industry, considering the current workload. 

If you’re the type of person that loves challenges to grow, this is for you. The only that will restrict your growth is your desire. 

Plenty of variety

You won’t often use the word “bored” in cybersecurity. There is an infinite variety of technologies and situations security professionals have to deal with. Some roles even extend to physical security! Moreover, security professionals get the opportunity to work directly with teams on technologies they never dreamed of. 

Hence, cybersecurity professionals come from a diverse set of backgrounds due to the broadness of the skill set required. Furthermore, there is no “right” way to train to become a cybersecurity professional. 

The ability to solve puzzles

Another reason why cybersecurity career is a great choice is that every day is a new day in cybersecurity. Tactics may change every day. Moreover, there is always a new puzzle for you to solve. Keep in mind that new risks are created and existing ones keep on evolving. Security professionals are responsible for identifying, understanding, and addressing these risks. 

The job has a real impact

Data breaches bring real and devastating impacts. For instance, the 2017 Equifax data breach compromised the sensitive information of around 143 million people. Those details included SSNs, full names, addresses, and more. Even big names like Yahoo didn’t escape cyberattacks. If huge brands are not safe from attacks, what more of individuals and smaller businesses?

This just shows that cybersecurity matters. It impacts both the digital and physical world. That fact is terrifying but also highlights that cybersecurity is an exciting career. If you want to work on IT issues that have real-world impact, cybersecurity might be for you. 

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