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Start To Walk In Your Choosen Cybersecurity Career Path

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So in this article, we will tackle the cybersecurity career path that you could walk in. Also, what is the following careers are available in cybersecurity?

Introduction About Cybersecurity Career Path

Well, to be a successful walk in your dream cybersecurity career path there are things you should know. Well, the cybersecurity field is full of opportunities

Professionals in this field can work in any size of the company. Moreover, some can work freelance to have more free time, some choose to be full-time.

However, whatever you choose, you will just have one goal. It is to protect the company networks and systems from data breaches and any attacks.

Moreover, the demand in this field is huge as cybercriminals are rampant today. It is because we individuals or companies are more reliable in the technology, internet, and cloud computing.

We are now vulnerable to hackers and any types of cybercrimes.

So how will you start your career path in any of this field in cybersecurity?

Start Your Career Path

Well, we have known that there are many careers and opportunities in the cybersecurity field. So to enter in this any of career path, there is now like one way only. 

There are many different ways to enter this field. Such as, some can enter as soon as they graduated from college.

But on the other hand, some do the transition from another IT role. However, no matter where you have started, all this career must bein in the general IT experience.

You should understand how the technology works before you will able to learn to secure it.

So they have this called the entry-level IT jobs. What covers in the entry-level?

Here are the following:

  • Databases admin
  • Systems admin
  • IT technician
  • Network engineer
  • Web developer
  • Network engineer
  • Web Admin
  • Computer software engineer

Aside from this, you should also able to supplement what you learn on the jobs. How it is? Using the outside training and the education.

Note that there are more than 30% of the jobs in cybersecurity require certification. Well, the certification will back you up in your knowledge.

Certification will show your eligibility. So after the entry-level is the management-level of cybersecurity.

It is where you know where you are highly specialized. It is like you know where your expertise and where to focus.

So let have to take a look at some of the careers in cybersecurity.

The Security Architect

To be a security architect you should follow the path such as the following:

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or information technology.
  • You should enter the field of IT as a security admin or system admin.
  • Goal to be promoted as the mid-level from the entry-level
  • Now you can enter to be a security architect.

However, you need also to achieve the following:

  • Do the planning and researching in terms of the designs that are durable to the architecture.
  • You need to develop requirements for the firewalls, networks, and many more.
  • Performing the vulnerability testing.
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