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Are Cybersecurity Degrees Worth It? Find Out Here

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Are cybersecurity degrees worth it? The answer is an absolute yes! There are countless reasons behind that and this article tackles some of those. 

The number of cyberattacks is on the rise. In fact, getting attacked is no longer a question of who, but it is now when. That’s why there is an exponential rise in the cybersecurity field. 

An Overview on Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting an organization’s systems and programs from digital attacks. Hence, cybersecurity specialists aim to achieve the following:

  • Confidentiality – preventing hackers from gaining illegal access to data
  • Integrity – data is free from unauthorized deletion or modification
  • Availability – ensures that authorized personnel would get timely access to data

Moreover, professionals in this field of work have tons on their plate. They help organizations understand the cyber threats they face. Furthermore, specialists analyze information to detect potential attacks. They also manage security systems, perform security tests, and develop security strategies. 

Indeed, cybercrime affects businesses and organizations, and its effects could be catastrophic. For instance, the Center for Strategic and International Studies found out that around $600 billion is lost to cybercrime annually. That is equivalent to nearly one percent of global GDP. 

Why does this increase in damages happen? One reason is we quickly adopt new technologies. Thus, this gives hackers more open doors in compromising data. Hackers are also getting smarter as their methods grow in complexity. 

Reasons Why Cybersecurity Degrees Are Worth It

But looking on the bright side, this means that the world needs more cybersecurity professionals to keep digital data safe. If the zero percent unemployment rate and sky-high salaries still don’t answer your question “are cybersecurity degrees worth it?”, the reasons listed below will.

Cybersecurity jobs are on the rise

Investing time and money on a dead-end degree is the last thing you want, right? Fortunately, it’s quite the opposite in cybersecurity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the number of cybersecurity jobs will increase by 31% through 2029. 

All industries need cybersecurity professionals 

Nearly every company in every industry needs some level of cybersecurity services. Thus, you may work practically in any field – from insurance to law enforcement to education. 

However, the BLS notes that the financial and healthcare industry has a growing need for cybersecurity. These industries hold the most sensitive types of information so they need to increase their cybersecurity capabilities. 

Companies struggle to find qualified professionals 

As mentioned, there are tons of cybersecurity jobs out there. Yet, there are just not enough qualified candidates to fill in. An ISC report states that the U.S. alone needs 395,000 skilled workers to close the gap. The main reason why the shortage occurs is companies invest more in information security. 

Employers want cybersecurity degree holders 

Statistics show that 88% of more than 114,000 cybersecurity job postings last year require at least a Bachelor’s degree. It’s a general rule of thumb across all industries that the more education you acquire, the fewer job-seeking barriers you’ll face. 

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