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Best Cybersecurity Books For Beginners

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Everyone can be a target of data breaches. Thus, it’s important to keep updated. The best way for that is to read cybersecurity books. 

Almost every person in the world owns a smartphone device or computer, making the threats inevitable. Threats grow both in number and complexity. Thus, information security is now a crucial element of living in the modern world. Everyone must know the best defense strategies and how hackers break through those defenses. 

Companies now acknowledge that threats are real and may cause huge damages. Hence, they would love to have employees that have cyber hygiene. The ability to see the whole picture of cybersecurity will help you further your career. 

However, there are endless numbers of platforms to learn from. But why choose cybersecurity books? 

Why Reading Cybersecurity Books is Crucial

Thanks to technology, we can now choose from a wide array of learning platforms like YouTube, online courses, and more. Yet, books are still the most relevant way of learning. Why? Because writing a book takes a lot of time and resources. 

Furthermore, blogs and podcasts cannot match the level of intense preparation and quality of information on books. Hence, reading cybersecurity books is the best way to get in-depth knowledge while learning. 

Top Cybersecurity Books For Beginners

Many companies prefer knowledge over the diploma. The books listed below should help you gain the necessary insights. 

Cybersecurity for Beginners

Raef Meeuwisse, the author of this book, holds multiple information security certifications. Furthermore, he has created a security control framework for Fortune 20 companies. Moreover, Meeuwisse is currently a freelance Chief Information Security Officer, author, and international speaker. 

From the book title itself, Cybersecurity for Beginners serves as an easily understandable introduction to cybersecurity. Even people who don’t have a technical background will benefit from this book. Whether you’re already an information security employee or simply interested in cybersecurity, you’ll certainly benefit from this book. 

Furthermore, this book reflects Meeuwisse’s smart insights. It also informs readers about cloud computing and other digital devices. It also outlines the risks and dangers brought by the Internet. 

Cybersecurity: Law and Guidance

Helen Wong, the author of this book, is a corporate commercial lawyer and a cybersecurity specialist with IP law. The book gives readers a unique perspective by focusing on key information security laws and other related legal instruments. 

Moreover, the Law and Guidance give an extensive overview of cybersecurity legal developments. That is in the European Union and the UK. 

This book is a must-read for every legal practitioner and many organizations. However, it is also suitable for everyone interested in cybersecurity law.

The Cyber Effect

Dr. Mary Aiken, the author of this book, is a forensic cyber-psychologist. She has worked with law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Cyber Effect helps readers understand the psychology behind the technology. 

Indeed, technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. Yet, it also brings negative impacts on our behavior, especially on children. Dr. Aiken uses easy-to-understand language in explaining the difficult ideas behind psychology. 

Indeed, technology has made our lives easier. However, it also comes with negative behavioral impacts. Children are the ones most affected by technology. This book by Dr. Aiken simplifies the difficult ideas behind psychology. 

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