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Automation Questionnaire: Tips For Accuracy & Efficiency

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The security automation questionnaire today is highly regarded for making or breaking a deal. However, this presents dread and complexity. Besides, business profitability heavily relies on it too.

Thus, there’s this need for improvement. So here we’re going to give you tips. Tips on how to ensure accuracy and efficiency. On answering these security questionnaires your team receives.

Be Organized With Your Answers

Improving how you organize things improves efficiency. The same principle applies to answering these questionnaires. 

You can do this with the help of tagging your answers. For instance, you can tag them by product or service you offer. Or tag them by geography or security framework. Just whatever applies to your type of business. 

Tagging ensures more organization and therefore easy reviews.

Avoid The Spreadsheets

Questionnaire answers are often stored on spreadsheets. But come to think of this. Storing answers in spreadsheets causes more time delay.

For example, issues regarding version controls, accessibility, and permissions are there. Besides, searching for answers through rows can be time-consuming. These can cause further delays.

Thus, why not store answers on a central repository? Make sure to have it accessible to the team. Also, take the time to have the design for easy viewing.

Consistency Is The Key

Being inconsistent with your answers can lead to audit process complications. Besides, this can happen when you answer questions manually. Also, when different people answer different questionnaires.

So strive to be consistent. Have the answers in uniform. Moreover, answers should be approved first before storage. Automation of answers also helps ease the process. You can make use of some tools for this.

Update Your Answers Regularly

System and network configuration should affect your answers. Another tip is to make sure that you keep this information up to date.

Keeping this process manually may help. But, why not make use of automated platforms? These tools can update you real-time. For instance, your answers are not updated or verified. 

Developing a standard process ensures accuracy. In turn, this results in efficiency. Keeping these ready all the time saves time for future answering.

Automation Helps Lessen The Error

Aside from real-time alerts and notifications. Automation also reduces the chances of error. Manual data entry of your answers creates the loopholes of mistakes. Manual data entry also concerns time efficiency.

That is why having your answers work in automation helps. And it has a two-fold effect, both in efficiency and accuracy.

Reserve The Experts In The Process

Questions do not appear the same all the time. Chances are, you will receive unique questions from different companies. So, it might turn out that you don’t have a stored answer for this.

In these cases, reserve the experts in the process. These experts are the ones who are knowledgeable enough of your network. They are also educated on the best security practices. 

Moreover, having automated platforms results in better performance. Because these platforms can help the team assign. For instance, they can assign these unique questions to your experts. Also, they can update these uniformly when processes change.

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