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Continuous Security Monitoring Tools-Why The Need?

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Continuous security monitoring serves as the network’s maintenance. Of course, as much as our immune system needs regular checkups. Digital networks and systems need continuous assessments too.

The Need For Continuous Security Monitoring

Your system may have the best security platform at work. Everything is patched up. You have the best defenses. You may feel you have achieved the optimum state of security and protection.

However, cybercriminals don’t rest. These malicious actors are always on the go of launching attacks. Then, what if their attacks come to you at the most unexpected time? You feel protected, don’t you? But what if you only ‘feel’ that you are? Is it the case?

This is why continuous security monitoring is a must. Never think you have achieved the optimum state of protection. Always be in the need of security advancement and monitoring. Yes, always aim for updated and reliable information about your system. 

What can help are tools for continuous monitoring? Tools of this kind are continually improved too. To ensure optimum services to business operations.

Continuous Monitoring Tools

Cisco Identity Services Engines (ISE)

Cisco ISE safeguards who your network entertains. Because this tool serves as your network gatekeeper. And this examines users and devices who attempt to connect to your network.

So what if a device is detected? And it shows that it is not company-owned? 

Well, there are two possible options. It may be that this device may only have restricted access. Or, it may not be allowed to access at all. This ensures secured accesses within the network.

This tool can also deal with BYOD and Guest Access. Not to mention that it can work without additional software.

This costs a free 100 device trial. Then, a Request For Quote follows.


Rapid7 Insight

This tool is designed for large entities in mind. So it is best for those with more personnel in the job. Since this requires daily management for optimum protection.

The Rapid7 Insight comes in different versions. And each version is for different security tasks. But all are for real-time monitoring and enterprise-level dashboards.

  • Insight IDR– this tool manages your event logs within the system. It works by compiling these logs. Then, classifying them into potential issues. 
  • Insight VM- on the other hand, this tool showcases the potential threats. And it also shows the systems which are vulnerable to attacks. All of this information in a single pane. Thus it is really for easy monitoring.

You can visit on this. Moreover, these costs for Free Trials. But RFQ follows.

Paessler PRTG

PRTG focuses on network and system monitoring. However, this tool is priced per device tracking.

Moreover, PRTG has its mobile application for real-time updates. This makes way for easy and accessible monitoring. Plus, this has built-in push notifications.

This is highly beneficial when your business is more involved with mobile use. And this also allows clustered servers.

However, the configuration of monitors may be time-consuming. And costing may be more pricey since it is per device.

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