cybersecurity software

Cybersecurity Software That Every Small Business Need

Hackers view smaller businesses as easier targets due to their lack of security. Use these cybersecurity software packages to safeguard your data.  Smaller businesses are not safe from cyber attacks. Unlike big companies, smaller businesses have less allocated resources for cybersecurity. Thus, it is very likely that hackers will target them more than big companies.  […]

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cybersecurity tools

Cybersecurity Tools That Every Company Must Have

Many companies consider cybersecurity as one of the top priorities. If you are a cybersecurity professional, these tools will help you secure systems.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses more dependent on technology to drive critical business operations. This upward has resulted in an escalation of cybercrime.  A data breach may cause huge financial loss […]

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Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring Tools-Why The Need?

Continuous security monitoring serves as the network’s maintenance. Of course, as much as our immune system needs regular checkups. Digital networks and systems need continuous assessments too. The Need For Continuous Security Monitoring Your system may have the best security platform at work. Everything is patched up. You have the best defenses. You may feel […]

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Automated Vendor Risk Assessment

Automated Vendor Risk Assessment: Is It Good For You?

Businesses today opt for an automated vendor risk assessment. One reason why these businesses opt for automated ways is for upgrades.  Indeed, this process is also time-consuming. Of course, a business isn’t all about managing risks. Although it is a key factor to consider. But, the business should keep running too. Though at the same […]

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