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A supplier security assessment help you ensure safety supplier connections. This assessment shall assist you in careful analysis of your potential suppliers. Because these potential suppliers can also be potential sources of cyber threats. 

How confident are you with their security implementation? Can they together with you protect sensitive data? How do they perform with the relevant information security standards compliance?

You can never be sure without the facts. Thus, a supplier security assessment can help you with this. This assessment enables data-driven decisions in risk management.


CQR or the CyberCX Company. The CQR is a company consisting of cybersecurity professionals. All have worked in multinational corporations.

These professionals then collided into a cybersecurity organization. With the same goal of delivering customer value to their clients.

The company expands into different lands. 

Namely the following:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • The USA. 

Thus, this speaks of their broad knowledge of cybersecurity wellness.

This said cybersecurity company offers these supplier risk management solutions.

CQR’s Supplier Security Assessment

This assessment will further help you drive data-driven decisions. Furthermore, these assessments will do more. 

It will identify and minimize risks. Moreover, effectively manage your supplier’s security risk. 

These should be in accordance with your organization’s confidentiality. Also with your integrity and data availability.

The CQR has an established framework. This framework by their information security experts. Moreover, these experts have accomplished a lot of programs. That is supplier security assessment programs. 

Of different clients in different cultures around the globe. This surely speaks of their credibility and capability in the business.

The goal of this supplier risk assessment is to help you beforehand. Of course, not long before you had the worst-case scenarios. 

This is because of whatever security failures your suppliers may face. You are to be directly affected.

This Does More

They do the following.

  • Penetration tests with internal, external, wireless, and physical.
  • Password audits
  • Server configuration reviews
  • Disaster recovery plan assessment
  • Information Technology testing
  • Business continuity assessment
  • The supplier’s ability for relocations, for instance.
  • Policy analysis in adherence with ISO 27001 international standards

These assessments comply with international standards. Namely, the ISO 27001 and the ISO 22301. 

Evaluation is then based on these set international standards. Thus, this assures you of high-level protection.

In addition to that, supplier security assessments do test your supplier’s controls. Testing will be followed by a report in detail. Documentation will then include the supplier’s potential risk to your organization.

Moreover, the report will also include what your suppliers should do. The risk management priorities that they should take to protect both parties.

Their experts play a huge part in this. Since they will be responsible for evaluation. Of the supplier’s current security implementation. This will then help you to see the holistic environment of your potential supplier.

Solutions Do Include

CQR’s solutions also include annual supplier reviews. Or, they can also provide your organization with an exhaustive supplier assessment program.

Why not consider outsourcing for these solutions? This is surely nothing but a complex task. Cybersecurity professionals surely can assess your potential suppliers. The best way possible.

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