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What is the job description of an Information Systems Security Officer? And what are the roles they need to play in a company?

Security today is non-negotiable. If companies want to stay longer, they need to take this seriously. Of course, every single one of them wants to.

But there are risks that they need to face. Sensitive data can get in the hands of the bad guys. Like card details, customer details, company details, and more.

If ever a company face a data breach, there are a lot of consequence. Like losing customers, losing profit, losing the trust of partners, and more.

So, there needs to have someone to look over systems security. And it is none other than an Information System Security Officer (ISSO).

What do they need to do? If you are interested in this position, keep on reading to know more.

Information Systems Security Officer

In general, an ISSO is the one to make and install security measures within a company. Their main aim is to keep safe any sensitive data within a computer network.

Also, most ISSO holds a bachelor’s degree in information security. Or any IT-related course. Then, to get accepted into the post, they need to have other certifications.

Most of the time, ISSOs further their education even after getting a job. But constant learning yields more rewards.

For one, the average annual salary for an ISSO is around $98,350. Meaning, it is almost $20,00 higher than the median annual average salary in the US. Which is only $80,912.

Further, if you are interested in the post, worry not. Things are looking good for this position. Because there is an expected job growth of 38% in the next seven years for ISSOs.

Meaning, there will be more openings in the future. This is because security is an issue for all sectors today.

So, what are the key roles an ISSO needs to play?

ISSO Roles and Road to be One

The main role of an ISSO is to make sure the information security (Infosec) is:

  • researched
  • made
  • installed
  • tested
  • reviewed

This is because, as said, their main aim is to keep safe any sensitive data. As well as keeping it away from any unwanted access and change.

Then, they also need to inform users or other employees about:

  • security measures
  • follow security measures
  • how to install software
  • potential threats
  • keep watch on their networks

Further, they will need to keep up to date with the latest threats to Infosec. Then, put up the needed security measures. 

But how do you get to be one? You need to:

  • first, get a bachelor’s degree in any IT-related course. Much better if in information security or cybersecurity
  • spend at least five to eight years in the field
  • get certifications
  • build strong technical and analytical skills
  • have strong communication, teamwork, and leadership skills

So, you do not get to be one once you graduate from college. But do not worry. If you have a passion for keeping data safe, you will thrive in this role.

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