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ISACA CSX: A New Program For InfoSec Professionals

Cyber Security

Are you looking for an opportunity in the infosec profession? Well, ISACA CSX is right for you. But what is this program? Let’s find out.

The Launch Of ISACA CSX

ISACA addresses the needs and interests of information governance and control. As well as security, and audit professionals. Their members worldwide have the responsibility to select and implement appropriate controls. Thus, preventing cyber attacks. Especially those that involve “Advanced Persistent Threats.”

To support their members in their infosec careers, they developed the ISACA CSX program. This program from ISACA is also called “Cybersecurity Nexus.” It’s a comprehensive program. And was also developed through the collaboration of CISOs. And cybersecurity experts from leading companies.

Additionally, ISACA CSX enables security professionals and their enterprises to find cybersecurity research and guidance. As well as certificates and certifications, education, mentoring, and community.

Providing Cybersecurity Training

ISACA Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) also provides security training and certification programs. So anyone who wishes to become a leader in the field of information security can avail of the training.

Aside from that, the program is also fit for enterprises. Who needs to establish a cost-effective cybersecurity training program. Which also helps protect their business against cyber threats.

Therefore, this program provides cybersecurity professionals and organizations. With a smarter way to secure their business and sensitive information.

The CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification

ISACA updates its performance “CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSX-P) certification”. Thus it will enable individuals to prove their qualifications. Besides, this also allows managers to identify skilled candidates.

This certification expanded job tasks spanning and testing across five key security functions. These are:

  • Identifying
  • Protecting
  • Detecting
  • Responding, and
  • Recovering

The Certification Offers

The CSX-P also offers hands-on training in real-world scenarios. It validates that cybersecurity professionals have advanced technical skills as well.

Additionally, the comprehensive CSX-P certification exam has multiplied its coverage of critical cybersecurity skillsets by four. This includes expanding from five tasks to 20. Why so? Because this will help them to effectively reflect more. Especially on the expanding cybersecurity threats landscape.

Also, note that the certification exam is now proctored remotely. Thus it allows CSX-P exam taker’s flexibility. And take the exam safely and securely as well.

Moreover, certification candidates will also receive quick feedback. Both when they’re still preparing for and during taking the exam.

So if you seek of becoming CSX-P certified, then this Certification Prep Course provides real-time scoring. This then allows you to quickly identify areas that need more focus. As well as allow you to quickly move forward with the next steps in your career journey.

Today, cyber threats are rampant. And there is a widening workforce skills gap. That’s why organizations need practitioners who can portray their skills on the job. And not just memorize concepts but can also do actual tasks.

Due to demand, ISACA realized the importance of updating and expanding the exam. Thus, this puts exam takers into more real-life scenarios than ever. In that way, they can prove that they have the skills enterprises need. As well as capable of handling varieties of latest threats.

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