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The Top CISO Targets And Goals You Need To Know


There are many CISO targets and goals they need to reach. What are these? And what do these targets mean for the company and its people?

As more and more security threats are rising, CISO needs to be more proactive. Also, they need to set clear goals to make sure they are very effective in fighting off attacks.

Further, the market is not slowing down. There is now a great need to do a digital transformation. Then, the rise of cloud, AI, and more.

So, combine these with cyber attacks. Meaning, there is a need for companies to have a great security strategy.

Then, these strategies must be in line with the CISO’s targets and goals. What are these?

Top CISO Targets And Goals

Manage Risks

First, CISO’s main target, of course, is to manage risks. As the head of the security teams, they need to be the front runner in this area.

So, the CISO needs to know what are all the information asset of their company. Then, see where the risks are at for these assets.

After, he will need to make a plan to manage any risks they found. A good CISO will know how what to rank first on his plan.

Raise Collaboration Between Teams

One of the targets a CISO must have is to raise collaboration between teams. These are the network and security teams.

Why? Because it yields good results. As per one survey, about 91% say both their network and security teams work together.

Thus, we can see that almost all knows the value of this kind of teamwork. So, CISOs need to find solutions. Then, automate security workflows and lessening redundant tasks.

Incident Response Plan

Of course, no one wants an incident to happen. But sad as it may sound, it can happen. So, CISO needs to make, train, and lead the incident response plan (IRP).

Then, he needs to make sure that his team is ready for any incident. So, they must keep them up to date with any changes he will make to their IRP.

When incidents happen, CISOs do not need to be the first responder. Or even the forensics expert. But they need to set the tone on how they will make decisions. And make sure that is all is on board.


Another vital target CISOs need to have is for cybersecurity compliance. Industries are very regulated. So, failing to comply may result in fines and more.

Thus, even though the main focus of a CISO is on risk and security, they need to go beyond that. In other words, they need to know and be adept at handling compliance.

Also, there is a lot of laws for cybersecurity and privacy that they need to keep in mind. Like:

  • state
  • federal
  • international

CISO Targets are Vital

So, these are all the top targets and goals a CISO needs to have. Making sure they reach these targets is vital. This affects all. The employees, the company, and its customers and partners.

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