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List Of CISO Books: Your Bookshelf Must-have


Are you aiming to be a CISO? Then you must learn the different CISO books that could help you. What are they?


The position of CISO is a fairly new one. Then the CxO group and the board members began to understand the institutional stage.

However, CISO has several tasks to perform. To develop and prove the value of that position.

There are many issues facing CISO’s traveling through this position. Including the lack of qualified capital. As well as receiving the approval of the budget for security measures. Even becoming interested in the initial stages of new businesses and so on.

Apparently, there are many services available to CISO. In order to update and improve their skills and knowledge. This includes blogs, online webinars, workshops, and training. As well as digital podcasts, fact sheets, and technology vendor files.

CISO Books List

The following selected books to address the role of CISO or the knowledge it needs to be in hand. We hope that all these books would be able to offer data on:

  • How to work in partnership with the other CxO
  • Take part and make decisions on strategic objectives
  • Provide input about what is occurring in a broader sense of malware, threat analysis
  • Handling day-to-day defense activities effectively

We hope that it will be key assets on your bookshelves. Also, it will support you when or if you need it.

CISO Desk Reference Guide Book

This book features an interesting summary of the changing role of CISO. Even how nicely to make it part of the firm. As well as essentials such as classification and data management. Also, tips on tools and methods.

The book provides a variety of viewpoints on the foundations of cyber-organizational safety. This is vital learning for both the applicant and the current CISO.

Also, the book aims to fill a vital void in an already data security popular knowledge base.

Hacking Exposed — Network Security Solutions Book

Now, more than ever, safety experts must dig into the minds of hackers. As well as the hacker’s techniques, and toolboxes. To effectively avoid such relentless attacks.

So this version brings readers up to date with the new attack strategies. As well as arming them for these ever-changing risks.”

The Computer Incident Response Planning Handbook

This is a good idea to describe things. Especially about the Incident Response Plan that you may have missed. Including making an executive buy.

Also, it realistically approaches stuff without getting entangled in a lot of fluff. Or informal experience which does not have any reason.

Threat Modeling Designing Security Book

This book is rich with clear and actionable tips. But it is not related to particular applications, software platforms, or languages.

The book offers the best way for security experts. To follow a systematic approach to risk analysis. The strategy is being supported by Microsoft. Also, the book offers the best way to explain the changing risk and threat environment.

Cyber Breach Designing Exercise

The book shows Crisis Managers and Business Continuity Planners. Also, its IT colleagues are on how to conduct a cyber threat event that will assess readiness. Even unconsidered situations emerge, As well as enhancing everyone’s awareness. 

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