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Cybersecurity Questions to Ask When You’re on the C-suite

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What are the cybersecurity questions to ask especially when you’re in the C-suite? No doubt, cybercrime poses a serious threat to businesses.

The news and other information sources consistently urge companies to be aware of the risks. Thus, encouraging them to take action to protect their data, servers, and services from attacks.

But, this leaves several questions. In fact, many in the senior management role are not formally trained in technical cybersecurity and risk management.

As a result, even knowing what questions are important to ask is itself unknown. So we listed down below some cybersecurity questions every C-suite needs to ask.

Important Cybersecurity Questions To Ask

“Why Should I Worry About Cybersecurity?”

Well, the threats are real. In fact, there occurs a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Many of these attacks are unsuccessful. However, one single hit on an unpatched or vulnerable area is sure to be serious trouble.

“What Are Our Compliance Obligations?”

Many businesses are unaware that they are needed by law to provide a comprehensive program. It can be difficult to determine whether or not you must comply with a specific enforcement regime.

So, if you have any doubts, you should seek professional advice from a trusted advisor.

“Does Anyone On The Board Have Cybersecurity And Risk Management Expertise?”

A lot of information sources began talking about its importance. In fact, computer and data systems were once business-enhancement critical tools.

As a result, boards must be aware of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Moreover, there should be a formal mechanism or committee.

And that includes experts in information technology, security, risk management, and others. Thus, allowing them to digest and make recommendations to address these risks to the board.

“Am I Spending Enough On Cybersecurity-related Tools And Controls?”

The answer varies. It depends. Often the roadblock to an effective program is one of time and availability of IT staff.

Also, automating tasks can improve the chances of cybersecurity projects being successful.

“Are Our Employees Appropriately Trained On Cybersecurity?”

Cybersecurity awareness training is vital for every organization. Why? Because often, primary threats rely on the mistakes of employees to be successful.

Besides, keep in mind that employees are the first and weakest line of defense. So, all organizations should be providing mandatory and engaging cybersecurity awareness training. That should help them keep security at the top of their minds.

“Can We Detect An Attempted Or successful Security Breach?”

A well-developed cybersecurity program also provides mechanisms for monitoring the operation of their networks, devices, facilities, and users. This allows them to detect when something bad or unexpected occurs.

“Do We Know How To Respond In An Emergency?”

Having an updated and documented plan for how to respond to an incident is only the first step. You also need to educate your people. Especially those who must respond when an emergency occurs. Of course, that includes their backups in the event they’re unavailable.

And finally and most important, is to test that plan regularly. As well as learning from and addressing the results of those tests.

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