Can Cybersecurity Be Automated

Can Cybersecurity Be Automated?

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We will discuss the question of whether cybersecurity can be automated. Moreover, let us learn the importance of this today.

Can Cybersecurity Be Automated?

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant sectors that save the world from cyber-attacks. The main idea behind this sector is to protect the systems against the intrusion of cyber-criminals.

The first thing that comes to mind is that, can cybersecurity be automated? The core of the question is: how would you protect your system from all possible ways of hacking?

The answer is that you cannot protect your system from every single method. There are many ways through which hackers can get in easily into your system.

Moreover, when it comes to traditional cybersecurity, you need to hire a team of experienced people who can detect and prevent all possible ways of hacking.

So, now we will discuss whether cybersecurity can be automated or not?

Is Cybersecurity Automation Possible?

Nowadays, we have plenty of methods through which we can automate our day-to-day activities. However, we cannot do the same with cybersecurity. 

Well, let us move on to learn more about it. The main reason why cybersecurity cannot be automated is that.

There are many ways through which hackers can get into your system. Moreover, there are also many reasons as well behind this answer that we will discuss ahead. 

Let us take a look:

Cybersecurity and AI – Machinery or Humans?

The basic idea behind this question is: how will you decide between automation with humans and automation with AI? The answer is that it depends on various things such as the situation of the company and so on. 

However, there are some instances when you may have to choose between them. For example, if you want a faster response time, then AI can be an ideal solution for it. 

Similarly, if you want to detect any unusual activity quickly then AI can do it without any issues. Moreover, AI can manage thousands of events at once whereas humans cannot simply do that. 

So, such instances are where AI is better than humans. Now let us move on to learn more about how AI works: 

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work? 

Artificial intelligence can detect unusual activity based on predefined algorithms. Moreover, it can also learn about the behavior of the users. 

For example, if you have a smart home, then AI can learn about your daily routine and respond accordingly. Similarly, if you are not at home and your smart door is locked.

Then AI will unlock it automatically as soon as you get close to it. These are some of the examples where AI can be quite helpful in handling your daily tasks. 

Now let us move on to learn how AI can help with cybersecurity: 

How Does Artificial Intelligence Help With Cybersecurity? 

The main idea behind this is that any cyber-attack is first detected by machines rather than humans. Moreover, based on the data obtained from machines, humans make some decisions to handle the situation. 

So, this is how AI can work for cyber-security in general. However, there are certain instances when you may need human intervention as well. 

For example, if any unusual activity is detected by a machine then a human needs to check whether it is suspicious or not. On the other hand, if normal activity is detected by machines.

Then humans cannot do anything but machines have already responded to it. So, these are some instances where AI cannot do much but humans have to intervene in between. 

Moreover, as we discussed earlier, automation is no longer limited to specific sectors only. But it has become an integral part of our daily lives as well. 

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