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Learn more about cybersecurity importance in the 21st century.

So in this post, learn the following points:

  • What is cybersecurity and why is it important?
  • What are the basic types of cybersecurity attacks?

Cybersecurity Importance 

How many times have you heard about cybersecurity? 

You might have heard of it a lot. Cybersecurity usually makes it to the headlines.

But, let us get into the basics. What is cybersecurity, by the way?

“Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting networks, systems, hardware, and data from digital attacks.”

So, why should you be concerned about cybersecurity?

Everyone should be concerned about cybersecurity. That is because every entity owns data in its systems and networks. May it be the hospitals, educational institutions, and banks, for instance. All of these entities have data. Not to mention the government entities. They should also have their federal intellectual properties.

Thus, everyone should be concerned about cybersecurity.

In fact, report says that cyber attacks have damaged a lot of institutions’ finances. For example, it was forecasted to damage more than $6 trillion in 2021.

Quite big, isn’t it?

How often do attacks happen?

Cyber attacks do happen very often. 

For example, consider what a report says. 

A cyberattack occurs every 14 seconds, at least.

Thus, as you can see, you should never let down your guard in optimizing cybersecurity defenses. Even simple security measures can help. Installation of antivirus, firewalls, and multi-encryption strategies should help. Adding to the list should be password management.

All of these should sound too obvious for security. But these baby steps for security can surely make a big difference.

In fact, even the seemingly ‘secured and protected’ network can still be infiltrated. So never be too confident when it comes to cyber attacks.

What Are The Most Basic Cybersecurity Attacks?

Now, knowing the cybersecurity importance, of what should you be guardian from?

The next thing you should be concerned of should be to know and identify these attacks. Moreover, these attacks may be different in many ways. It may come in different shapes and sizes. It can also bring damage in diverse ways. 

For example, there are attacks that can infiltrate systems up to half a year without being known. On the other hand, there are also attacks that can infiltrate systems. And ask for immediate ransom, for instance. 

So, what are these types of attacks? 

Below, consider different types of attacks. Knowing these should help and equip you to better protect and secure yourself from these harms.

  • Phishing- usually done through sending malicious emails. These emails may contain links for download or site visits. Through these, viruses, malware, or worms can enter. Then infiltrate systems and private data.
  • Malware- this means malicious software. Again, these can enter through malicious links and software installations. 
  • Social engineering- is a unique and subtle way of cyber deception. It takes advantage of psychological manipulation. For example, it manipulates people to lead them to disclose private information. This can be through voice manipulation or email phishing, also.
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