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Security Questionnaire Automation: 3 Top Reasons Why

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Security questionnaire automation seems to be evolving in the market today. A lot find this inviting to meet the demands of both quality and quantity. 

Who needs this security questionnaire automation by the way? Why should a business go automated?

Let us give you 3 major reasons why. But first, let’s talk about who needs this kind of automated service.

You Need This 

If you are the kind of business who is data sensitive. For example, your business deals with a lot of data-sensitive data. And if you are a kind of business who offers software services. Then automation is highly recommended for you.

Why then?

Because you are dealing with clients. These clients to whom you offer services also want to be protected. You may be exposing their personal information at risk. Or otherwise, your business itself may be exposed to risk because of these connections.

As a business, you have the responsibility to upskill data security measures. Let me tell you this is a wise investment too. You are to earn your client’s trust and support.

Take note of the data breaches headlining the news. One example of this is the Equifax Data Breach. This is no wonder why most companies today need automation more. Data and other cybersecurity threats are in influx today.

Also considering the complexity of the process. And the demands of scalability and speed at the same time.

Three Major Reasons

Time Efficiency Along With Quality

Imagine the increasing demands of questionnaires. It’s either it’s the questionnaire you receive. Or the questionnaires you do deliver to other third parties. You all need to standardize your responses.

This ranges from the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire to the SIG Lite. Not to mention the VSAQs or the personalized questionnaires of your potential clients.

All of this needs to be answered in a limited time. This is for you to quickly respond and close the deal when possible.

Yes, no rewriting of responses for each questionnaire. How quick was that?

Clear Audit Trails

Most of the time, clients asking for holistic security questionnaires are highly managed companies. It is a good choice to show details like:

  • Who updated the information?
  • Also, who approved the information?
  • When was it approved?

These details are expected to reflect on the document itself. This is how automated software can help you. Moreover, it can also help to have regular content reviewing.

Benefits are:

  • Up-to-date and accurate responses 
  • When you make changes, it offers automatic responses

All you need to do is to update your responses in the library. Then, you are good to go!

Have It Now

A business can increase up to 150% of requests for security information in a single year. One example is the Qvidian Software. They have a growing number of these requests, in every quarter.

This can happen to you too. Thus, having it today shall save you for tomorrow’s high demands.

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