Governance Risk And Compliance Management

What is “governance risk and compliance management”? How can this new management system help you and your business? What does each element mean to its overall advantage? What Is Governance Risk And Compliance Management? Three elements compose this, namely, governance, risk, and compliance. This is also called as ‘GRC’. This concept has come until the […]

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Continuous Monitoring Vs Continuous Auditing Difference

Continuous monitoring vs continuous auditing. They are often put together. Moreover, these terms may sound synonymous. But, consider the difference in continuous monitoring vs continuous auditing. What do these individual terms refer to? How do they do good in the business? What Is Continuous Monitoring? Also called ‘ConMon or Continuous Control Monitoring’ or CCM. This […]

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What Is Regulatory Compliance Audit?

Next Normal: What Is Regulatory Compliance Audit?

What Is Regulatory Compliance Audit? It is a question that many leaders are having problems in the Next Normal. Check out this post to find out more.  Next Normal: What Is Regulatory Compliance Audit? An enforcement audit for legislation is a formal analysis of an agency’s conformity with a series of legal or administrative guidelines. […]

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