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Alarming Cyber Security Facts You Should Know!

Cyber Security

What are these Cyber Security Facts? Let’s get into numbers about cybersecurity. However, the list below is all about alarming cybersecurity facts that everyone should know, especially to businesses and people responsible for protecting valuable information. Let’s start!

Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs Worldwide Are Already Over 4 Million

In the US alone, more than 500,000 cybersecurity jobs are unfilled. Also, postings for the past five years are up 74%. Of those jobs, cybersecurity engineers are some of the highest-paid professions started at $140K average annual salary.

There is a Hacker Attack Every 39 Seconds

According to a study at the University of Maryland by Clark school that there is a hacker initiation every 39 seconds.

Moreover, the study is one of the first to put in the numbers at the near-constant rate of hacker attacks. These incidents include computers with Internet access and the non-secure usernames and passwords we use.

Furthermore, the damage it gives affects one in three Americans every year. So, as we ease up our security system, more chances are there that hackers can get into our system.

Human Intelligence and Comprehension is the Best Defense Against Phishing Attacks

Cofense suggests we strengthen our understanding and user behavior. Yes, thwarting phishing efforts comes down to those. The best way to protect our business is to know the situation thoroughly.

The Global Average Cost of a Data Breach is $3.9 Million Across SMBs

Well, we all don’t want to waste most of our money on this matter. Not to mention the image and reputation a stake. For most businesses this is sum is crippling.

For example, in public companies, the cost is much bigger since more is at stake. On average, it would cost them $116 million.

Since COVID-19, the US FBI Reported a 300% Increase in Reported Cybercrimes

Yes, this adds up to the much bad news we got because of this pandemic. More and more hackers are using this opportunity to attack. Office work has moved to personal homes. So, it’s more vulnerable to attacks. As of this summer, they reported 12,377 Covid-related scams.

43% of Cyber Attacks Target Small Business

Let’s get into numbers on this one. Look at this below:

  • 64% of companies have felt web-based attacks.
  • Also, 62% underwent phishing & social engineering fits.
  • Then, 59% of companies endured spiteful code and botnets.
  • 51% experienced denial of service attacks.

Small organizations use an average of $7.68 million per incident.

9.7 Million Records Healthcare Records Were Imperiled in September 2020

According to the HIPAA Journal, “83 breaches were linked with IT incidents.” Also, “9,662,820 records were revealed in those breaches”.

Approximately $6 Trillion is Presumed to be Used Globally on Cybersecurity by 2021

Companies need to make a significant change in their approach to cybersecurity. Yes, reprioritize budgets to adjust with this newly defined actuality of our present-day society.

Connected IoT Devices Will Reach 75 Billion by 2025

Back in 2020, the IoT market is due to reach 31 billion. But by 2025, it will be around 75 billion IoT devices.

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