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Building A Strong Cybersecurity Roadmap

Cyber Security

How to build a strong cybersecurity roadmap in your company? Also, how essential it to building a strong roadmap?

Build A Cybersecurity Roadmap

Facing the resources pressures and rapid threats. Also with the difficult information technology environment.

That why companies are struggling to protect their data. Moreover the strategic alignment of cybersecurity and business goals.

In a survey of around 3,400 IT and security professionals in the world. They are reported less than a half of plan, whereas the ransomware attacks.

The worse scenario is they are using an average of 45 separate security controls. Which is leading to fragmentation and decreasing efficiency.

Therefore, cybercriminals are involved with a constant change of their tactics. Yet it is no longer possible to prevent or even detect every attack they made.

A sudden acceleration of flexible workplace models complicates the incident response. That why it hard to move away from the reaction base of security-critical.

Therefore it is essential of building a cybersecurity roadmap. A developing security roadmap will help you align on the security processes.

With your business’s goals and optimizing your overall security posture. Having a solid roadmap you will know where you stand.

But also you will need to be effective and how do you need to get there. So a powerful way to ensure a security project map of the business.

Stay in sync with the information technology initiative. Also, gain more executive buy-in for your need to enable success.

Access Yourself On Roadmap

The first thing to do is you need to evaluate your environment. Also, identify the risk related to your data assets.

So it will help you to identify the areas that need attention. Moreover, you need to develop a path to achieve your goals.

Sensitive data need to locate and classify along with the asset that includes the following:

  • Hardware 
  • Software
  • Internet of thing devices
  • Cloud resources

It essential of course to identify the address and access management concern. Also, you need to consider the workload of in-house resources.

There is a lot of question that you need to think on the answer for your business. That why it calls building a cybersecurity roadmap.

The risk assessment helps you to answer the question, of what you thinking. So that it ensures a clear understanding of your legal and regulatory with contractual requirements.

Evaluating your security controls to identify any gaps in protection for you.

Establish Your Objectives

Once you’re done with the assessment yourself. So gaps can be measure again on selected control frameworks.

Step to address them can be defined. So it depends on our objective and risk acceptance and visual representation.

It recommended that the initiative can be detail within one to three years of roadmap. A roadmap should ideally include a high-level summary.

It requires investment in people and processes with technology. So to align your capabilities with the selected control frameworks.

There are three ways to improve your journey on cybersecurity. These elements are critical that it should be built into your roadmap process.

So to enable that success this the three ways from the following:

  • Make it iterative
  • Measure success
  • Make it inclusive
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