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Can Cybersecurity Work From Home? The Answer Is Yes

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Many companies shifted to remote work so many people ask “can cybersecurity work from home”. The answer is an absolute yes! Read on to learn more.

One of the many benefits of cybersecurity is it offers remote working opportunities. If you like face-to-face interactions with other company members, there are plenty of on-site positions available. 

But what if your availability is more restricted? Can cybersecurity work from home? Don’t worry as the industry offers plenty of telecommuting options. These options give you the freedom to choose where to live and where to work from. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about that nightmare commute. 

Listed below are some of the cybersecurity positions that offer remote working opportunities. This will give you the answer to the question “can cybersecurity work from home?”

Penetration Tester

An organization hires a penetration tester or ethical hacker to hack the organization’s security. Pen testers uncover and fix the vulnerabilities of systems before real hackers exploit them. Thus, you defend your client by identifying and exploiting a weakness and showing your exploitation results.

If you’re hired as a pen tester, you’ll either work as an insider with a basic understanding of the company’s operations or with just your own resources and knowledge. Again, pen testers are ethical hackers – you need an organization’s full approval before hacking their system. 

Furthermore, you need to be an expert in cyberattacks. Pen testers know how a hacker thinks and stay updated with the latest hacking techniques. 

Organizations move more technology into the cloud, and penetration testing is no different. This means that remote work is possible. 

Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts or security analysts are always in demand. You’ll be the backbone of your company’s security. Thus, you must have deep knowledge of network and systems security. 

Security analysts ensure that the company always one step ahead of cyber threats. They look for any vulnerabilities and resolve them. If an incident arises, they respond immediately. Furthermore, these professionals regularly conduct security awareness training to educate employees on how to protect data. 

With the company’s approval, security analysts may also do the work of ethical hackers to test the effectiveness of the organization’s cybersecurity strategy. 

This job aligns well with remote as companies may require you to monitor systems in multiple locations. Many security analysts monitor systems all over the country or even all over the world. Moreover, they protect these systems from anywhere that has a strong internet connection.

IT Project Manager

As a project manager, you are responsible to supervise wide-ranging technological projects. IT project managers ensure that the company enforces updated security policies and guidelines. Strong communication skills are a must for this job as you’ll interact with employers and customers. 

IT project managers must be deeply familiar with several tech-related fields. It is common for companies to require candidates to have a background not only in cybersecurity but also in another tech-related field. 

This role requires significant experience, usually in another managerial role or system administration position. Furthermore, project management experience and certifications are a huge plus.

Sometimes, this type of work may require a visit to a specific location to meet clients or interact with team leads. However, much of the work is possible remotely if you prefer.

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