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CISO Update: How Much CISO Matter Than Ever Before


CISO is on the outrageous demand right now because of the rise of the cyber attack in the Next Normal era. Check out this post to find out more about CISO Update.

Why CISOs matter more than ever?

The cyber crime gang stole medical records for 1.5 million citizens of one of the most prominent health care communities in Singapore, from 27 June to 4 July this year. To get entry to the servers, the hackers used a malware compromised computer.

However, officials said the assault on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had been a permanent and unique assault, whose medical reports have a strip of this violation. Vietnam Airlines encountered data infringement in July 2016, which enabled hackers to get personal data affecting 410,000 customers.

It launched this assault on the Website of the National Flag Carriers by self-proclaimed Chinese hackers.

The details hack and then circulated via the Web and became part of the Lotus miles program of the VIP. Names, birthdays, and emails used.

Information security readiness fluctuates dramatically country by nation, given continued development of the digital economy throughout the ASEAN region. To date, there are already some data protection regulations in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

A paper by A.T. Also, Kearney says that this area is a hotbed to cyber attacks. Countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia host sizeable amounts of suspicious web activity and the launch of malware.

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Singapore, as a country, has a robust framework for cyber health. Work by ServiceNow has shown, however, that Singapore’s CISOs lack the resources to execute their protection policy on average effectively.

The Data Protection Excellence Network has also revealed earlier this month’s proposals to include more help for recruiters to grow the number of Data Protection Officers in the country.

In September 2018, Singapore’s advertising vacancies for data security experts rose 23 percent year-on-year, relative to last year.

Unfortunately, this is not adequate to ease the defense issues of most of the world.

An unprecedented 75% of CISOs in Asia are confident that there should be no privacy breaches, while another 71% are nervous about their capacity to identify the crime still first.

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