cyber forensics and information security

Cyber Forensics And Information Security

Cyber Security

Let us learn more about cyber forensics and information security. As well as their differences for each other. Just keep on reading.

Cyber Forensics And Information Security

Cyber forensics and information security are tied to internet security. They’re both facing threats.

So, they’re securing cyber assets They’re also securing information.

But how are they going to do that?

Firstly, they’re using security devices. So they help to keep the safety of data.

They will also have to apply for training. So, they were updated at all times. And they could also keep defending.

But the both of them aren’t the same thing. How is that?

Now let us discuss their difference in the below areas in this post:

  • Goals
  • Strategies
  • Rules
  • Training
  • The salaries

Let’s get started!

Main Differences Of Cyber Forensics and Information Security


In short, they both have separate goals.

Cyber forensics is dealing with security issues. But, it is covered by information security analysts before a breach occurs.

Cyber forensic specialists focus on hacked devices in full. And how so?

The first is to figure out what data has been hacked. Then they’re trying to take it back.

They’re finally going to trace the attacker. So, they will report it to the police.

But while information security analysts are building good systems. So, they could make sure that there are no issues.

They’re still testing the system. They can, thus, avoid security holes.

What’s more, it lets them see what they can do. To secure your data.


Furthermore, the path they take is different. And how?

Information with cybersecurity both rely on the firm’s strategies.  Yet, cyber forensics is having proof of a hack.

They even deal with authority along. They could, then, investigate the case.

While this security of information makes the laws of the systems. So, they are willing to train workers.


Their rules are also another thing. But also how so?

Cyber forensics gets back the data that was lost. So, they will learn who the attacker is, too.

While information security first protects data. So, they may avoid the event of attacks.

Cyber forensics deals with the law as well. Yet this involves the policemen and the state too.

Yet information security is dealing with larger firms. Also, it’s crucial. Why?

Since large firms have big data as well. So they don’t want to risk this to the hackers.

The Secondary Differences


Another gap in their training. Why does it seem that way?

You could choose among the below degrees to become a cyber forensic expert:

  • Cyber and Digital Forensics
  • Cyber-Criminology

However, in the field of information security, below are the degrees:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Systems and Technology

The Salaries

Of course, we would like to know their salaries for each work.

The yearly pay for cyber forensics is $57,000. And while an information security specialist can get $76,000 worth of income.

In addition, there are factors that affect the salary. Just like:

  • Experience
  • Place
  • Specialized training
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