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Cybersecurity Games: Have Fun While Learning!

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity games are designed to be fun and engaging. At the same time, it educates everyone about how to be safe online. Although cybersecurity is not often associated with fun and games, learning about it can be!

Let’s check out six options for setting your cyber defense knowledge to the test. You’ll be faced with simulated security breaches and attacks.

Moreover, these choices include both free online activities and corporate training-style games to form out your experience.

Game of Threats

PwC’s Game of Threats mimics a cyber-attack to aid executives to understand the key decisions that need to be done in short order.

Moreover, you can choose what person you want to be. Yes, you can play both as an attacker and as a defender. Furthermore, you’ll be playing as the precious seconds tick by and your company’s relevant information assets are on the line.

Cyber Awareness Challenge

Inside the game, you’ll be up to the task of protecting life from cybersecurity incidents. Also, the setting of the game story is that you hear a message from 2030. A message saying that cybersecurity incidents that occurred in the past are seriously impacting life.

So, your task is to prevent these events from transpiring. At the same time, you’ll need to resolve the problems using evidence from the case file in each situation.

Furthermore, your purpose is to lower the overall threat status. In return, you’ll have a safer future. You are changing the future through your hands.

Zero Threat

Inside the game is a scene where you’ll protect your network from under attack. Yes, your network is under attack.

It is a cybersecurity training game where you’ll work through simulated risks such as:

  • phishing emails
  • social engineering attempts
  • malicious websites
  • infected USB drives
  • breaches, and more

On the other hand, this means great for your business. You may find this game has meaning for your company as a training tool.

Keep Tradition Secure

A hacker called “Bad Bull” is frightening Texas A&M’s campus traditions. But, tracking this threat monger down demands answering a series of cybersecurity questions and making your way around campus.

The game itself is one of a series of games produced by Texas A&M Information Technology  to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The team has been putting up great cybersecurity games since 2010.

Cybersecurity Lab

Inside the game, your task is to become the CTO of a start-up social networking company. Options may include clever names like Einstagram, SnapCat, WattsAmp, and Phasebook.

Afterward, you’ll be in command of cybersecurity during more sophisticated attacks. So, you should bolster your protection to fend off enemies in altering challenges. For instance, challenges involving password and code-cracking, and more.

Targeted Attack: The Game   

You are going to be the CIO of Fugle Inc.  And your job is to determine a plan to protect sensitive company information from security issues.

Moreover, the game starts with a video intro. Then, propel into the game with your chosen strategy setting the path it takes.

Also, remember to spend your budget coins wisely as you take on this test!

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