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Cybersecurity History: How It Evolved Over Time

Cyber Security

Let’s talk about cybersecurity history. Are you familiar with how cybersecurity developed to become what we know today? Well, this post will cover up how cybersecurity solutions evolved.

Cybersecurity History: From The 1940s To The Present

The 1940s

Only a small number of people can access electronic machines. Besides, these machines weren’t networked. So the threat was almost non-existent.

However, in 1949, the theory underlying computer viruses were made public. That was when John von Neumann thought that computer programs could reproduce.

The 1950s

During the late 1950s, ‘phone phreaking’ emerged. What does it mean? Well, people with interest in the working of phones used to hijack the protocols. As a result, telecoms engineers work on the network remotely to make free calls. As well as avoid long-distance tolls.

The 1960s

In the mid-1960s, computers were huge mainframes. Also, these machines were very expensive. So access remained limited, even to programmers.

In 1967, IBM invited school kids to try out their new computer. After exploring the accessible parts of the system, these kids worked to probe deeper.

That includes learning the system’s language. As well as gaining access to other parts of the system. This was a valuable lesson. Because it initiated the advancement of defensive measures.

Later, computers began to reduce in size and cost. So firms then invested in technologies to store and manage data and systems. Also, this decade marks the start of using passwords.

The 1970s: Cybersecurity Properly Began

Cybersecurity began in 1972 with ARPANET. ARPANET is a precursor to the internet.

Bob Thomas created a computer program named Creeper. This program could move across ARPANET’s network.

Another individual, Ray Tomlinson, created a program called Reaper. What does Reaper do? The Reaper chased and deleted Creeper. Thus, proving itself to be the first antivirus software.

Later, reliance on computers increased and networking grew wider. So, it’s clear that security is very important. The governments realized that unauthorized access to data and systems could be disastrous.

1980s: From ARPANET To Internet

This time, an increase in high-profile attacks occurred. 1983 when Trojan Horse and Computer Virus were first used.

Additionally, during the Cold War, the threat of cyber espionage evolved. Then, the German hacker Marcus Hess hacked 400 military computers, including mainframes at the Pentagon. So, security began to be taken seriously then.

Finally, 1987 came. It’s the birth year of cybersecurity. Commercial antivirus emerged. Additionally, it was the year 1988 when antivirus companies spread around the world.

The 1990s

By 1996, viruses used new techniques and innovative measures. Then, new viruses and malware exploded. So, companies had to mass-produce cybersecurity to protect the public.

Additionally, in this decade, a NASA researcher developed the first firewall program.

During The 2000s

Because the internet is now available in more homes and offices, criminals have more devices to exploit.

Then, a new infection technique appeared. By simply visiting infected websites, cybercriminals replace clean pages with infected ones. Moreover, instant messaging services began to get attacked.

Furthermore, some antivirus was becoming less effective. Why? That’s due to the development of zero-day attacks.

The 2010s As The Next Generation

During this decade, many high-profile breaches and attacks occurred. Some even started to impact the national security of countries. Not only that but also cost businesses millions.

But, cybersecurity tailored to the needs of businesses became more prominent.

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