Cybersecurity Attacks Per Day

How Many Cybersecurity Attacks Per Day?

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There are several cybersecurity attacks per day, that is what we tackle in this section. Also, what are the following awareness for cybersecurity?

What Do Cybersecurity Attacks Mean?

Cybersecurity is a continuous process, and as such, it’s impossible to completely stop attacks. Cybercriminals are always on the hunt for vulnerabilities and new methods to exploit them. 

They are mostly focused on the following:

  • critical infrastructure,
  • government agencies,
  • financial institutions and telecommunications companies.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone and everything is under attack all the time. There are several different types of cybersecurity attacks, and we discuss them later in this article.

How Many Cybersecurity Attacks Per day?

The number of cybersecurity attacks per day is something that can be counted by security experts who monitor the internet for cybercriminal activities.

 For example, Graham Cluley wrote an article about the number of DDoS attacks in 2018, which is part of annual Cyber Security reports that are published by the government.

Then some statistics are released by various security companies around the globe. For example, Trend Micro has released its Global Threat Intelligence report for 2018-2019.

The report covers the most prevalent cyber threats across different industries around the globe.

But these numbers don’t include all cybersecurity attacks happening throughout the year. It is because there are some types of attacks that are not logged by big security companies due to their nature or size.

That’s why they are not included in annual reports. Especially those published by governments or security companies worldwide.

However, some of them are tracked by smaller cybersecurity companies. Also, independent security researchers share their findings with security providers worldwide. It is after they have analyzed them for a long time.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are stolen each year by cybercriminals from banks, corporations, and government agencies worldwide. This is why they use every means necessary to steal data from your system. Also, in a device to attain access to your information or finances or both.

Awareness For For Cybersecurity Attacks

Cybersecurity attacks are a reality we have to live with. However, they can be prevented and found by professionals. 

The more you know about them the better prepared you will be. 

If you want to learn more about protecting your devices, identity, and data from cybercriminals, then check out our top tips for 2019.

But if you want to start learning how to protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks, then read on.

How Cybersecurity Attacks Occur?

Cybercriminals use various methods to launch cyberattacks against their victims worldwide. 

But this is the most common cybersecurity attack:

  • Phishing is one of the oldest forms of cyberattacks. But it’s still being used by cybercriminals today due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Also, it’s the perfect method for hackers to get information about their victims, users, and companies around the globe. It’s possible cybercriminals can use it in different ways including:

  • Sending phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or links that lead to infected websites.
  • Spamming social media platforms with fake accounts that spread malware or other types of malicious software among users.
  • Using fake websites built on top of real domains to steal information about their victims.

It’s done by hijacking the DNS entries of a website or creating fake websites for phishing purposes only.

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