Cyber Security Without a Degree

How to Learn Cyber Security Without a Degree?

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Many were asking how to learn cyber security without a degree? Is it possible? Explore more in this section and also read about some of the best cyber security certifications for beginners.


Cyber security is a very broad field of study that has to do with the protection of data and information. This information can be anything from your favorite movie to your credit card information. 

There are many specialized job roles in cyber security, which you can choose according to your skillset. However, some people are self-taught or are looking for an entry-level job.

So to those who are planning to learn cyber security without a degree. Then there are many online resources available.

Are you planning on working in an entry-level position with no prior experience? Then this article will help you understand what cyber security entails and how you can learn it on your own.

Why Learn Cyber Security Without a Degree?

Cyber security has recently become one of the most sought-after careers by young professionals. It has led to a severe shortage of talent in this field.

So it is according to some reports there will be 1 million openings for cyber security professionals by 2019.

However, due to its ever-changing nature, it has become very difficult for universities. To keep up with the current trends in the field of cyber security.

It is why many companies shy away from hiring people with degrees. Why? Because they do not feel that they are getting enough value for their money. 

The companies instead look for candidates who have hands-on experience in this field. Also, know about the latest developments in the field of cyber security. 

Many universities have been offering courses in cyber security. But due to a lack of talent or interest from students, these courses do not get filled up completely. Also, there remains a gap between what universities offer and what employers demand. 

How to Learn Cyber Security Without a Degree?

There is a lot of free content available on the internet that you can learn from. You can also get a job in an entry-level position and gain hands-on experience. 

Here are some of the best ways to learn cyber security without a degree:

1. Learn from Online Resources 

There are many online courses, books, and tutorials available for free. You can also find a lot of certifications that will help you get started in this field. 

2. Get Hands-on Experience 

If you want to learn cyber security without a degree, then one of the best ways is to get hands-on experience. You can find a job that offers entry-level positions.

Then use this as an opportunity to learn and gain experience. You can learn by following the instructions of more experienced employees.

3. Find a Mentor 

The internet is full of information, but it is sometimes difficult to understand all of it. If you are looking for more personalized advice, then you can look for a mentor or an experienced professional in this field.

You can get in touch with him/her via social media or email. He/she can offer you more personalized advice on how to get started in this field.


These are just a few ways by which you can get started in this field. You can also find more information online and get started. 

If you want to learn cyber security without a degree, then you do not need to worry. Cyber security is a very vast and ever-changing field and it will never be difficult to get started in it.

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